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Monday, December 10, 2007

Prayer Circle Held on Dec 8th,2007

BoMatum, Hahom, Gracias and Thank You to all who attended the prayer circle for our women warriors, our sacred sites and for our communities at Casa Atabex Ache on Saturday December 8, 2007.

What an awesome feeling to have the spiritual energy of not only our Taino family but also the spiritual energy of our Messica relatives, our Northern relatives and all those of kindred spirit in one circle.
Thank you to Toyin and all the people of Casa Atabex Ache for allowing us to gather in such a beautiful sacred and peaceful space.
A Special Bo Matum to Behike Maria Manatee Robles of Four Directions for bringing us together
As one family. This amazing woman, wife, mother and grandmother is also a medicine woman,
Behike Maria Manatee has been in the Taino movement since its onset. She embodies the spirit of Atabei in all her work. The doors to her Four Directions Caney are as open to all as is her heart for all the Taino people and our relatives. When we speak of Unity we speak of Maria as it was Maria who held the very first of several Unity gathering of the then existing Taino communities in her home in upstate New York in 1996. It was Maria who opened up the doors of her home and Four Directions Lodge to every already existing Taino group and new organization just about to be formed to a circle of dialogue. No Taino was left out no Taino was turned away. When we speak of Unity we speak about the heart of Maria Manatee Robles.Bo Matum Maria for showing us the way. As a medicine women and a mother Maria has been doing moon ceremonies for the young women of our Taino communities for several years now.Bohio of Atabei considers this one of the most important traditions of our community’
The transition for our young women into womanhood should be honored and respected and it should be the medicine women of our communities who have experienced all the phases of being a woman doing this sacred ceremony Maria is such a woman. May the creator bless you and your family always?

I say Thank You to Chief Roman Guaraguarix of Yukayeke Maisiti and his son for the pipe ceremony and the songs.
Thank You to Chief Roberto Mucaro Borerro of Tallayaboa clan, and families he represents for his opening song in honor of earth mother.Mucaro is also President of UCTP
A special Thank you to Elvira and Hortencia Colorado for gifting us with their song to Tonazin.
Love you mis hermanas.
Thank You Behike Danny Irokeku Miranda for your beautiful words.
I wish to also Thank Joe Caonabo Garcia and family for sending us a beautiful message in which they stated their spiritual unity with us. Thank You .as well for the generous donation. BoMatum Joe and Evie.
Thank you also to all of the Tainos and relatives of kindred spirit that live out of the tri state area or out of country for joining us in spirit. We received numerous messages from Taino’s in Boriken, Florida,Texas,and Ohio who were doing circles of prayer at the same time in unity with us….We felt your presence BoMatum, BoMatum

To our brother Miguel Soboakokoromo.I say Bomatum hermano.You traveled all the way from Pittsburg PA to join us in prayer...hermano that speaks volumes about your love and dedication to the cause of unity for the people. Thank you for coming,

So from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul I once again say Oma Bahari Bo Matum THANK YOU, you heard the call and you responded.

All of you are a testament to the verb love in action. I’m sure Naniki and Elba as well as others we prayed for felt the power of our spirits in prayer for their well being. I know the ancestors were pleased and they know for certain that we will not stop trying to have their bones brought back home.

Presencia Taina and Bohio Atabei will continue to do all we can to foster good relations between our communities.
Look out for our calendar of events for 2008 which we will be posting soon on Bohio Atabei web site.
May the soon approaching Winter solstice bring all of you many great visions? As our Taino brother Ray Caracoli said lets celebrate us…keep it native keep it real and be happy……Yuyaboarru Meztli

Bohio Atabei ,Yaboa and VMEC,YTW are projects of P.T.
P.T. is member organization of UCTP since 1997.
Bohio Atabei Taino women’s circle serving our community.

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