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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Spirit Of Kacika Anacaona Lives

The Spirit of ANACAONA lives in our Hearts and will forever remind us


Kacika (Chieftess) Anacaona was married to the Indian chief Caonabo, Cheif of the Maguana Region. Anacaona means "Gold Flower." She was also tribal chief Boechio Anacauchoa sister, Cheif of Xaragua or Jaragua.

Anacaona was the first woman to stand out in the Taino race.She was respected, praised and loved by everyone in the town. She was as Frey of the Houses described her: "Graceful woman, prudent, creative and authoritative." So prudent, and polite that she still chose to lead the people, but her strength to convince her adversaries were in vain, the power of the conquistadors to fulfill their obsessive ness with the resistant Indian , victim to the pain and strange massacre and the ambition of the so called Christian, fascinated by gold.

When the Indian Chief Caonabo, was made prisoner, sent to Spain and died in a sea voyage, the widowed Anacaona inherited the tribe of the Maguana. She displayed confidence to maintain unity in the kingdom,she fought to maintain peace but the Spaniards didn't want to comprehend the Taino message of living together in peace. They took their abnegation, their nobility and tolerance as a weakness and gratified their cruelty with unusual conniving, destroying their traditions.

One tragic Sunday, after lunch, commentator Ovando ordered his troops to move. Troopers in their 70 horses, and 300 soldiers were waiting. Anacaona believed that they were getting ready to prepare a demonstration of their skill in the sugarcane game. She went over to the troopers and asked them to dedicate it to her tribe, the troopers agreed. They asked her to take the tribe to the bend of the river because they wanted to speak to them.---

---Everything was foreseen when Frey Nicolas de Ovando (Governor of the Spanish Islands), wore the symbolic, golden medallion. They tied the tribe to stakes by the bend of the river, stabbed them with their swords and burnt them! Some Tainos managed to take the Kacika out of the mass execution. All that could be seen and heard were blood and loud screams.

If any Taino would jump onto a horse to save anybody, they were immediately killed. Eighty Taino Leaders were slaughtered. The survivors fled from the tragic inferno. The small Taino prince, Guarocuya, was saved by the tribal leader Tamayo and was delivered by el "Padre de las Casas"( a priest ) to the Franciscans (catholic monks) of the Verapaz. Higuemota, (Ana de Guevara) daughter of Anacaona, Mencia, Anacaona's grandaghter tribal leader Hatuey and tribal leader Guarocuya escaped from the tragedy. Anacaona was accused of being a traitor. In September of 1503, she was hung in the province of Xaragua.

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