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Monday, May 5, 2008

Arawak,Carib and Taino People Celebrate

On Friday April 25th,2008 at the Permanent mission of the
commonwealth of Dominica to the United Nations a
contingent of Arawak, Carib and Taino people were
greeted by Ambassador Crispin S Gregoire to honor the
work of Kalinago Carib Chief Charles Williams and in
celebration of UCTP's Ten Year anniversary.

During this historic moment Kalinago Chief Charles
Williams, Hereditary Chief Damon Corrie Eagle Clan
Arawaks and Taino Yukayeke Guaynia Chief Roberto M,
Aweibana (also president of UCTP) reaffirmed the
bounds of solidarity between their tribal governments,
the UCTP, and the Indigenous Peoples Caucus of the
Greater Caribbean

Chief Williams spoke about the importance of unity
between all Caribbean Indigenous first nations and how
proud he is of the work of the UCTP towards that goal.
Chief Damon Corrie honored Roberto Mukaro Aweibana
Borrero with the Eagle Clan Kasike staff.

Both Chief Williams and Chief Damon Corrie also
received gifts in honor of their commitment to the
bounds of friendship shared between the Taino, Arawak
and Kalinago people as Caribbean Indigenous First
Nations. All three leaders promised to honor the
treaties between them and to continue to work together
in the best interest of the Indigenous nations of the

Representatives from Indian Treaty Council, Peace
Development Fund, Red de Mujeres Indigena, and the
Flying Eagle Woman Fund were among the many
distinguished guest present during the celebration.

In closing and appropriately, Grandmother Millie
Karaira Gandia of Taino Yukayeke Guaynia and the UCTP
honored our leader Roberto Mukaro Aweibana with the
honorary chief’s feather of leadership as well as
Chief Williams and Chief Corrie.

Last but not least Kudos to Bohio Atabei women who
rocked with their culinary skills. Especially Angie
Nanichi Kolibri who made everyone’s palette water with
her Roast Pork and Arroz con Gandules. Maria
Itiomacunana’s macaroni salad was to die for and
Jackie la jibarita’s “arroz con maiz” it was awesome!
Our cooking warrior Tom Pastrano’s (Kuyaya’s father)
pork loin was also excellent!!! Thanks to the cooks
and the Taino team work.

The weekend however was not over for on Saturday April
26.2008 Women from Bohio Atabei and a group of UCTP
representatives, Yukayeke Guaynia community members as
well as other friends invaded Bohio sister Evelyn
Koaicu’s home to continue celebrating UCTP ten years
and also Abuela Shashira’s and Elba Anaca Lugo’s
respective Birthdays.

Abuela Shashira led us in beautiful solidarity
ceremony where Elder Millie Karaira Gandia was also
officially welcomed into the honor circle of the
grandmothers by El Consejo General de Tainos
Borincanos. This was a great honor for our beloved
grandmother and yukayeke Guaynia.

Needless to say the ties that lovingly bind us as a
people is reflected in each and every smile.

Bomatum to Yukayeke Guaynia member, Bohio sister, and
UCTP NJ Liaison Officer Koaicu and her family for
allowing us to invade their sacred space.

All and all it has been a fabulous week… enjoy the
pictures Yuyaboaaru


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