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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prayer Request

Relatives the women of the Bohio Atabei respectfully ask that you please take a moment where ever you maybe, to join us spiritually in a circle of prayer for our beloved elder Grandfather Cyril Taylor.
Grandfather Cyril has been admitted to the hospital and is in guarded condition.

We ask that you make no attempts to call him as he is unable to speak
In the meantime you may send your good wishes for him via email .We know he will be happy to receive them, when he is well enough to read again.

The women of the Bohio extend our love and respect to this most beautiful of human hearts, we pray for his well being and for that of his wife and family during these trying times.

Please add your good thoughts and words to the circle. …..Note we will light the sacred Tabanuco fire for prayer tonight at 8: PM tomorrow at 6: Am, and again at 12 noon and 8: PM.

Grandfather Cyril WE LOVE YOU Get Well soon….Ina Yuyaboaaru

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