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Friday, January 15, 2010

Tribes of Humanity

Tribes of Humanity
Forgotten Thoughtz
Dinner, Documentary & Discussion series

3 days, 3 months, 3rd Sunday... 3 documentaries that will change the way you see the world & each other.
We shall be presenting a special, undisclosed, surprise documentary, every 3rd Sunday for 3 months.

This Sunday Jan 24

at the Black Box Theater located at 308 w 133 St, NY, NY,

Featuring our Artist/Host Caridad De La Luz aka Bruja on Sun, Jan 24,
Facilitated by Maximvs Prophet

Cost $15.00 includes: Documentary screening, Dinner/ Beverages & Feature Entertainment
$12.00 in advance.

3 films, 3 perspectives 3 opportunities to shift & expand your consciousness. Come join Tribes of Humanity. Indeed
Ancestral invoking, by far thought provoking, witness 3 documentaries that will get you open, expanding your overstanding & perspective on the plight of a People.

The common thread within all of the events & activities brought to you by Tribes of Humanity is simple & truly holistic: Socio-Political, Historical / Spiritual - Ancestral / Cultural - Artistic

Tribes of Humanity is a grassroots collective movement striving towards modeling & establishing a new way of seeing & relating to one another revolving around Love, Light & Truth.

Tribes of Humanity comes to you from, by & of the People…

Striving towards enlightenment, struggling towards liberation...

Contact Maximvs Prophet “The Out Law Yogi”
Tel – 718-787-5501
Email- Esotericyoga@yahoo.com
Website - Tribesofhumanity.info

Proceeds to benefit Peace and Dignity Journey Boriken 2010


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