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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Moon June 1,2011

This Moon is the 12th Moon of the 13 cycles of Bibi Maroya.

Abuela Karaira has sent us a New Moon
June 1, 2011 message for this 12th cycle of Bibi Maroya.
May we all reflect upon it not only for this new moon but for every life cycle of Bibi Maroya for we are as women along with her  Co-Creators of this magnificent universe
Mujeres May Your Hearts Hold Good Dreams.
Seneko Kakona Inaru:)

Abuela Karaira's Message:) La Mujer y Su Conecion Espiritual

Ta'kahi Guaitiao,

It is my hope that all are well and in the best of spirit.

Our Mexica guaitiaos have a saying that I wish to share with all of you.

"La fundacion del hogar no es sobre la tierra, si no sobre la espalda de la mujer"

"The foundation of a home is not upon the ground, but on the back of a woman"

The translation is as close as "I" could get it.

We should always remember these things:

We should respect all for who they are, we should respect all things, for without respect, and there will be no beginnings.

Respect, honor, tolerance, love and the flexibility to be able to deal with all things.

Respect our spirituality as Taino, as indigenous women, for since the time of our conception, we are spiritual.  It is a blessing 
That has been bestowed upon us by our ancestors for the survival of our peoples. Without this respect of our spirituality we are 
Lost, roaming without the connections that make us who we are.  For this connection with all things and our self's is the unity of
Of all our peoples.  It is these connections that bring us closer to our ancestors and being connected to our ancestors makes
Us stronger.

I send my love and blessings to all.

Oma'bahari (With Respect)

Tio Bo Guatukan (Ancestral Blessings)

Abuela Karaira:)

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