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Monday, August 29, 2011

Beyond Extinction

Beyond Extinction
On Friday August 26, 2011
I attended this Symposium with another Abuela from the Bohio, Gina Rixturey Villalba, at NMAI in DC.
There were speakers from a multidisciplinary delegation of scholars on Taino Indigenous themes on the panel.
As well Kiskeya Taino Jorge Baracutey Estevez of Taino cultural group Guabancex and Boriken Taino Roberto Mukaro Borrero President of UCTP.
The delegation was put together by Taino Guajiro Jose Hatuey Barreiro director of the Office of Latin America at NMAI to discuss Taino survival of Taino language, identity and material culture in contemporary Caribbean consciousness. 

Much of what was said is what many of us as Taino people already know…We have always been here and we are a living society. It was however really interesting to see several well known Academics discuss the reality of our existence as a people and for once looking at the facts that state we are not extinct.
As such the academic presentations and perspectives were to some degree both educational and informative however, one of the most compelling presentations about our existence was given by Jorge Baracutey Estevez

Jorge used a series of pictures, charts, maps and documents from his own family history that left no doubt as to the actual survival of our people.Bomatum Jorge for presenting our reality in such an interesting, informative, factual and at times slightly humorous yet truthful manner.

Of equal importance were also the closing remarks made by Roberto Mukaro Borrero President of the United Confederation of Taino People. Roberto emphasized the importance of respect for our culture by academia specifically in the treatment of the remains of our ancestors. To this day many of our sacred sites continue to be desecrated and the bones of our ancestors continue to be exhibited and held in museums and other institutions around the world with no respect what so ever. .
Academia is to a large extent responsible for this, thus they should take the lead in putting
 A  STOP! to these desecrations of our ancestral remains with the added consideration of their return to our people for their reburial.
Bomatum Roberto for addressing this important issue with all present on the panel. We all know the time has come for the remains of our ancestors to be returned in a respectful manner to the embrace of our earth mother so their spirits may finally rest in peace.

Also present at the event was Taino film producer Alex Zacharias who is currently working on his own Documentary Lost Taino Tribe...
Alex filmed the entire program and
 I’m sure at some point he will be sharing a much better clip then my small Flip could ever hope to capture…In any case I have included a little of what I was able to get for all of you to get a sense of the program. As well a little of Jorge’s presentation which I found to be excellent.
Note: it is mostly audio...so give it a listen to:)

Also here is link to podcast
 Of Nite Wolfs follow up radio interview that included Alex, Jose Barreiro (Taino Cuba) and geneticist Cruzado as they talk about this event go to: www.wpfw.org – click on programs – click on Archived Shows – then find on the columns below THE NIGHTWOLF SHOW pod cast dated Friday August 26, 2011 7pm and click on DOWNLOAD on the far right column.

I have also included a few pictures of others present at this event. Note I was especially glad to meet
Lic Clenis Tavarez Maria Secretary of State for Culture from Kiskeya (Dominican Republic)…It was good to see at least one Taino woman directly involved in the discussions.
If you look closely at her picture you can see I of cause spoke to her of Peace and Dignity (see JPDJ Button) and of Kiskeya 2011J note her response was one of interest and she looks forward to meeting the participants of the runJ in November...

Lastly a BIG Bomatum to all the participants, this we hope is a small yet significant step in righting the wrongs of the history of our people.  
Well that’s about it familia.

Hopefully Alex will have a complete video for all of us soon.

Abrazotes InaruJ  

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