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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taino Awards Event Held Saturday April 20th ,2013

Bohio Attended the Taino Awards held last night by Yukayeke Yamocuno at Bronx Museum of the Arts.
It was spiritually inspiring and heartwarming to see the smiling beautiful faces of so many of our  people.
Warixi and Yukayeke Yamocuno are to be commended for doing such a great job in putting this one of kind event together. I especially love the fact that this is and has always been a TAINO event that brings our people together in a good way> Excluding the political and social drama that at times tend to divides us.
This event reminds us ALL that we are all more alike than different, that we are all Tainos and in our veins runs the blood of our ancestors.
Yes we can mi gente do .create and stand together as one people and one GREAT NATION.

Warixi I especially loved your poem....It said it all it moved me tremendously :) You rocked it hermana,you rocked it!

Cari Kachianao the most Beautiful and Talented Taino Bruja on the planet as always you were the ever awesome MC ....you kept it flowing ...not easy to do in a room full of Tainos from all four directions :)
Hope you are resting this morning :) LOL.

Inti our talented young Taino warrior noticed how you multitask and make it look easyLOL

In short all of the Yukayeke Yamocuno family were working harmoniosly together to make this event a success:)

I know everyone totally enjoyed all of the talent in the house and their presentations.
Was great as well to visit the vendor tables and see the beautiful work of our artisans who thru their skillful carfts express the spirit of our people.

Last nite I noted that just about everyone at this event I have known or met at some point on this human journey I’m on. Know that sincerely and from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul I love you ALL and pray that the love and positive energy of last night’s Taino awards stays with each and every one of you:)
Know that the Grandmothers and women of the Bohio Atabei Women’s circle are committed to share our teachings with all of you especially our youth:) all you need do is call or visit anyone of the grandmothers .You are also welcomed to participate in any of our circle events...We are here to serve..

Lastly it is our hope that last night’s event instills in our hearts the fact that we need each other even more so today during these difficult times Our Sacred Earth Mother is in .It is our hope that you all keep reaching out to each other so together we can ensure not only the survival of our culture and people but respect from others as well for all life born from the blood of Itikuhubaba.

May the Great Spirit embrace all of you as you go about your daily lives and protect you your communities your families your friends and relatives from any harm. Be of happy hearts Think Native Walk in Balance.

Bomatum to all of the people of Yukayeke Yanocuno.Looking forward to your next Taino awards event…Count on Bohio Atabei to help how ever we can should you need us.
Congratulations to all of the Award recipients You ALL make us proud.
Palante Taino siempre Palante


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