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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts on a Taino Mens Circle

This short clip speaks about what we feel our Taino community needs to build more dialogue on.
 In the Bohio we focus on not only  maintaining a healthy cultural mindset for all of our women but we also are strongly supportive of the same for our men...Our Women’s circles are important but so are circles for our men. This should be something our men begin to consider and take action on. We have yet to see a Taino men’s circle.

 Bringing back the balance means decolonizing our minds from the Spanish euro centric idea of what men and women are. We must move away from the machista headset.

We have men in our Taino communities who are excellent husbands, fathers etc that can serve as role models for our people especially our young men.
A man can be a warrior in so many ways...I know I have two awesome sons. So Bohio is putting out the word, who among our male elders is willing to take up the challenge?  So we can have both women and men circles. The future of our communities depends on us and we need to teach our children not what to think but how to think and move forward in a balanced way as men and women.

Please check out link below and if you have more materials relevant to subject please share

Bomatum Bibi Inaru:)


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