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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hear Us Sacred Mother.

A song for you earth motherJ

Today we call upon the spirit of our beautiful Mother earth.
We say Bomatum for the green of our mountains, the blue of our skies and the songs of our oceans.
All theses and more are her gifts to us.

So it is in this moment precious Mother Earth
We call you by your many names as our ancestors did
 Hear the words from the center of our souls
Sacred Mother

 Zuimaico,Apito,Atabei ,Yermao,Itikuhubaba
Give us the wisdom to teach all humanity to look Kindly upon you .Give us the strength to work towards the healing that is needed by you. 
Help us to guide humanity to make all the adjustments it must, to help you in a good way.

May all humanity realize that all life is to be respected
The four-legged, the winged ones that ride the skies, the creepy crawlers and the creatures that live beneath your sacred waters who call out your name Atabei ,Atabei great spirit source of life.

May Grandfather Sun who gives us the warmth of Guatu continue to give you and all of us the beauty of his sustaining light
May your sister Bibi Maroya remind us in her ever changing yet consistent monthly dance that we must honor and walk gently upon you so that our steps are always within the  rhythm of your heartbeat.

May it be we your children the people of the Zemi the Yuka and the Guaraguau help you remove all the suffering and negative energies that have caused you so much pain.

Coaiba Itiba sacred mother  let it be that the  future generations of our people those yet to be born  will know by your  many names May they  be embraced by your ever giving and loving spirit as it was for the ancestors and is today for all of  us  who walk in their footsteps.

Hear us and help us, to teach others that without you all life will be no more...

Jan Jan Katu Inaru

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the beauty and joy you brought me.