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Friday, September 5, 2014

Abuela's Pilon Ceremony this Sunday Sept 7,2014 for Esperanza Martell :)

You are invited to share a special moment.

The Bohio Atabei Grandmothers Council is Celebrating Esperanza Martell this Sunday Sept. 7  in Inwood Park.  You can meet us at 11: am by the Nature Center in the park .
The Ceremony will be wonderful. Hope you can join us as we give Espy her Abuela’s pilon filled with the love and respect of all who know her.
You may bring spiritually significant gifts for Espy that she may receive your Blessings  and if you wish,please bring food or juice to share.

 Espy has touched the lives of many people and is loved and respected for the beauty of her heart and spiritJ please join us.

Note the ceremony will take place at 12noon the time is important as the sun and Blessings of Grandfather sun will be at its highest point and Grandmother Moon will be preparing herself for her Full Moon dance in the evening sky.

This is a sacred and special moment ladies so I hope to see many of you
Lots of Love. Big Hug. 

Espy states if you wish You can meet her  at 11am. At the 207th and Bway train,you then can walk with her  to 218 st to the Inwood Nature Center. 

Hope to see you. 

1 comment:

Joanna Soto-Aviles said...

Mabrika [Welcome] Esperanza to the Bohío Atabei Grandmothers Council!
Just as your name mean Hope, we know in our hearts that you will bring hope to many in our Taíno Community. You have long been an untiring activist as well as a spiritual healer to many and it is our hope that you will continue to keep up the good work as a Grandmother in our Bohío. Please know that we stand united with you as one so that, together in unity, we can continue to share, learn, teach and grow in love with all our brothers and sisters, respecting and honoring the Legacy of our Ancestors as well as respecting and honoring this generation and all the generations to come.
Once again, Mabrika Esperanza! Know that you have our love and support, and that you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers, now and always.
Seneko Kakona, Itou, now and always... ♥♥♥
Love, Hugs, Peace & Blessings,
Seneko Kakona,
Bibi Aya & Family