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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dia de Aweibana El Bravo

This poem is Dedicated to the memory of one of our great Chiefs Aweibana El Bravo who was killed in battle against the Spaniards defending our homeland of Boriken and our people.
There is an old native saying that after death a persons soul lives when they are remembered. Today my people remember our kasike Aweibana the Brave One for his spirit lives in us.Today we call out his name and honor his memory.Aweibana tu pueblo VIVE!!!
Yacimiento Sagrado
Llora Taino por tu tierra sacrada
Llora porque el cogui ya no canta
Llora Taino por un amenezer sin man~ana 
Llora porque han movido la tierra donde descana tu alma.

Ya no voltiaras tu cara hacia sol
ni podras eschuchar 
a las olas del mar
Los delphines,manatees y el carey
En un ultimo adios eleven su voz

Llora Taino Llora por tu tierra sacrada
El Boriken de ayer.
Pues han movido la tierra donde descansa tu alma.

Wei a yaya,weia,Yaya wei a e a e a Yaya
© CVP,Inaru207
Sacred land
Weep Taino for your sacred land
Weep for the frog no longer sings
Weep for tomorrows without a sunrise
Weep for they have disturbed the ground where your spirits sleeps.

Your face no longer to the sun is turned 
You will not hear the music of the waves.
The Turtle the Dolphins and the Manatee 
In a final farewell have raised their voice.
Weep Taino for your sacred land of yesterday
For your Boriken
Weep for they have disturbed the place where your soul did rest.

Wei a yaya,weia,Yaya wei a e a e a Yaya
© CVP,Inaru2007
Today in 1493 our lands were invaded and we continue 
today to be occupied and colonized in our own lands.

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