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Friday, December 18, 2015

Helping others in best way we can.

As many of you know I often collect clothing, toys and household items as donations and store them in my place to give to those in need when an occasion arises. This past Wednesday Dec 16, 2015 I was overjoyed at being able to help the families of a massive fire in the Bronx that left over 89 families’ homeless, families that lost everything they had.
Amy Majuaguar'naru a member of Bohio Atabei Jaguar Women Warriors society posted about this fire...This was the neighborhood where she grew up and it is close to her heart.

So I contacted State Senator Gustavo Rivera's Office and asked how can Bohio of Atabei help....Turns out they were asking for donations of clothing for families and their children victims of this fire. So I got to work and in coordination with Amy Majagua'naru and her husband Andy Collazo Jr. we were able to deliver hundreds of items of assorted clothing both new and some used as well as 2 large boxes of shoes, boots, Pocket books a large box of new and used sneakers Box of Toys, groceries, new toiletries, new undergarments .

I spent three days sorting and making sure each item was either new or in really good condition, pressed folded and ready for use.
I share this information with all of you in the hope that you also will contribute Wednesday Dec 16, 2015 was a beautiful day and Bohio Atabei women are so honored and blessed to be able to help others when and wherever we can….So on behalf of the Bohio Atabei Mujeres de la Yuka Grandmothers Council and Jaguar Women’s warriors society.

We wish you all a Healthy Happy Winter Solstice in the Spirit of our Ancestors.
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And stay tuned to the new face of the Bohio for 2016 as we expand our work.

If you'd like to make donations to this cause
Senator Gustavo Rivera’s office is located in the Poe Building
2432 Grand Concourse #506, Bronx, NY 10458 Phone:(718) 933-2034

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