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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Serpent Moon May 10,2017

We are within Moon 11 on the Spiral of the 13-Moon Year:This
is the Serpent Moon and the Moon of New beginning about to bloom.Bibi Maroya at this time invites you to crawl out of your skin and use snake wisdom to release and let go of old and useless thoughts, habits and ways. Leave behind the old and release yourself as well from an allegiance to formats that diminish your ability to grow spiritually. In the wisdom of our ancestors passed on from generation to generation the Serpent the Boa symbolizes death and rebirth.New journeys,new ideas new songs for your heart.
Bibi Maroya in this cycle with her new serpent dress once again helps us to remember to embrace new journeys,new people new energy,new surroundings.Embrace new chances to be happy.Do not shy away from new smiles for your heart ladies.Turn to the lite of each day like a new flower in bloom.
Tio Bo Guatukan :)Many Blessing to all of you :) Bibi Inaru

*Source for the image used Snake woman is credited to.
Those who refuse to listen to the voice of Mother Earth are destined to be always lost and out of balance in life....Inarunikia :)

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