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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse message from Bohio

A little info for all of you.
10-27-2004 Lunar Eclipse
12-26-2004 Indonesia Quake 7 /Tsunami
05-4-1985 Lunar Eclipse
9-19-1985 Mexico Quake 8
12-31-2009 Lunar Eclipse less then two weeks
01-12-2010 Haiti Quake 8
02-26-2010 Japan Quake 7/Tsunami
08-08-2017 Lunar Eclipse
09-19-2017 Mexico Quake 8
09-22-2017 Boriken /Dominica/ Hurricane Maria hits Caribbean category 4 .

Now I did not post more because it would be to much but I posted just enough to give you an understanding of how important a Lunar eclipse lasting over an hour that only occurs every 150 years is.
As native people we know that in us and as well as mother earth transformations always occur .
Some good some not so good. As such you must be in any case of strong spirits .
So it is Bohio Atabei Mujeres encourage all of you to do ceremony during this time.
Do it according to the ways of your people and or in a way that resonates with your spirit.
Do not forget the ways of your people and join your elders and the medicine persons of your nations in ceremonial circles of respect for the power and energy of this magnificent universe, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother moon, Mother earth and all humanity with them.

The power and energy of powerful transformation to the face of earth mother has already started . The fish of the sea , the birds, insects and animals have given us the signs.
The Yagrumo (Taino Scared Tree )  prepares it self  and The Guatu (Fire ) of life and t
he Waters of creation  are speaking to us. The uneasiness at this time within yourselves is stirred up and ceremony will be what will help to  calm your souls. With this said

Bohio Circle will have a special ancient Taino ancestral ceremony only for this event.
As such because of our respect love and concerns for earth mother and all life that comes from her We have for the first time in a very long long time opened up a  space should some of you who are not women of the Bohio wish to attend. However you must email bohioatabei@aol.com or call
718-549-5677 no later then Wednesday July 25,2018 - This ceremony is closed to general public and is by RSVP ONLY!!! No one can attend without consent of the grandmother’s circle.

The ceremony locations will be in  Manchester, CT with Bibi Vanessa Metzli Inaru
And Jaguar Healer Alliea Kai'Weikeni Martinez
In  Maryland with Bibi Gina Robles-villalba 
Boriken with Behike Cotubanama Ururu Casul 
Xamaika with Indigenous Healer Kalaan Robert Nibonrix 
More  exact location and directions via car and or public transport will be given to those whose RSVP has been received.

You have have 3 days in which to reserve for Manchesters CT and receive directions and instructions.
After 8PM 7/25  RSVP will be closed.

Note : In Connecticut Non Bohio participants time slot is  just one day from 2- 6 PM on 7-27-18.

For all other locations please click on F/B contact links

Seneko kakona May all of you be embraced by the wisdom of your ancestors.
Bohio Atabei Circle.️🙏🤗

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