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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Full Moon message from the Bohio March, 2018

As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to thaw, we get closer to the first day of Spring March 20,2018.
So this full Moon is a good time to begin to clean up not just your home but also your hearts and minds of all limiting thoughts. Use this extra Full Moon energy to make the necessary changes for your well being and  peace of mind 
         Unclutter your life and FREE it to answer the calling of your soul.

Most of the time I do not write down a prayer because prayer is very personal and spontaneous
but my daughter decided  to write down my words because she thought it a good idea to share. It is in spanish."So I am sharing this prayer I often say 💜

Oracion De Una Mujer Taino
Yukiu Bawa Maorokoti tu me hiceste India y como India voy ha orar, eschucha mi voz
Oro Koti kuyahu y Aracoles de mi pueblo. 
Invoco a los mensajeros de los cuatro
vientos y las fuerzas del universo.

Tau mautia Guaraguao guardian de la puerta
 del amancer Sobiako.
 Adonde reside el espritu de la claridad espiritual,
 el bohio de la luz donde se cuida la energia
 de la percepcion y reside el ojo de la verdad. 
El Bohio de Aracoel Guey Guatu Bi
Tau mautia Aura guardian de la puerta
 de la Sanación Axiano
de donde procede el espíritu de las
 medicinas sagradas de nuestros pueblos
 El Bohio de Guaibonito
Tau mautia Mukaro guardian de la puerta
 del descanso Koromo. 
Saroia jardin de nuestros ancestros
 en koabei
El Bohio de Ma-katuriequayaba 

Tau mautia Yaboa guardian de la puerta
 del equilibrio.Rakuno
 de donde procede la energia de
 la autodeterminación el camino de Anakakuya.
El Bohio del Zemi Toati 

Les doy mi saludo y les agradezco con respecto
 la bendicion de sus ensen~sas
 en  esta dimensión de mi vida. 

Apito ,Atabey,Atabeira
Hermana de Nuestra Ata Marohu, kati, kara Eres  Atabiera Madre tierra
 la voz de las mujeres  y te invoco por
tus numerosos nombres con amor .
                                                        Bomatum madrecita por la vida.
                                                      la Yuka el Agua el Aire y todo de ti. 
   Yo que De tu vientre he nacido
 y a tu seno algun dia volvere.
Levanto mi voz en agradecimiento
por la  fuerza que me das.
Bomatum por la sabiduria para
 defenderte y protejerte de aguellos
 que no entienden, que sin tu abrazo maternal 
se moriran los bosques se secaran los rios y con ellos 
Se nos ira la vida
Yokiyu Bagua Maorokoti 
Gran Espiritu Nuestro
Que resides en la cuispide del monte Yunke sagrado
 de nuestro pueblo.
Oma Bahari Bomatum por tu bondad
 Orokoti Kuyahu, Bomatum por que
 cuidas celosamente el yukayeque de mi
gente Araguaku
sus bohios, sus conucos, y los suenos 
de un futuro que residen en sus mentes.

Eres el centro del alma adonde se unen
 los cuarto vientos con el poder del Hu.
No permitas que me olvide 
nunca de mi realidad espiritual,
ni de mi responsabilidad 
de madre, hija, esposa, hermana, 
Abuela, amiga y mujer
 de un pueblo sagrado Que nacio de amor.

Jan Jan Katu Daka Inaru, nabori daka.

       May you all spend a nice evening under
    the light of the stars and in the embracing energy of Grandmother Moon.
Sending you all a big hug from the depths of my soul
Bibi Inaru.

Monday, February 26, 2018

A message for our Friends and Relatives of Xamaika.

We take a moment to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to
Ms. Carol Miller the Council of Elders and the members of Sankofie in Xamaika for their support of the Peace and Dignity Journeys Caribbean initiative.
This March 14-21,2018 a PDJ regional run will be held in Xamaika due to the collaboration between Sankofie and Peace and Dignity Journeys.

The Coordinators of this event Ms. Velva Kasabiana Lawrence a member of Sankofie and a PDJ runner 2016,
Ms Lesley Gail Boianani Atkinson have both been working closely with Kalaan Nibonrix Pairman PDJ runner 2016 and now the main Organizer for PDJ Caribbean region.
The regional run respectfully titled "Run Taino Run Yamayeka promises to be a positive spiritual experience for all who listen for the voice of a kind and unified humanity.  

Every four years since 1992 the Peace and Dignity Journeys has been spiritually reuniting Indigenous communities across the Western hemisphere. This undertaking is done via an intercontinental spiritual run that crosses the continents  
and connects the regions of North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Indigenous runners from native nations of the Western hemisphere carry prayer staffs from all the four directions of the Americas and meet as one people in the center of the continents.
The endeavor is a powerful prayer in action to fulfill the ancient reunion prophecy of the Eagle and Condor. 

Prior to and in preparation for the all native nations intercontinental run regional prayer runs are held in all participating native nations. 
Xamaika is to have its first regional run. This run will bring the sacred staff bundle of the Caribbean region to the island.
At that moment the sacred staff of Xamaika which was carried by runners from Xamaika in the intercontinental run of 2016 and is infused with the prayers and blessing of relative native nations will be taken to their communities to receive and embrace the thoughts and prayers sent to them. 
During the ceremony and in preparation for 2020 the run will reunite relatives with the power of the run.
The run will also educate and raise a spiritual awareness of the fusion and contributions of indigenous cultures to Jamaica's history. 

For many of us already members of the “PDJ's families” it is an honor too once again as our ancestors did join with friends and relatives to Areito dance, run and pray with our Maroon's families.
In doing so we reawaken the ancestral spirits of our people and nations. 
Once again we will stand side by side as relatives in an indigenous spiritual movement that will not only heal our people but will reignite the hearts of the youth of this ancient and beautiful Taino homeland. 
“So”, they may find in their cultures the wisdom and power to move Xamaika forward in a good and noble way.

What a tremendous Blessing it is to have Ms Carol Miller in the center of the sacred circle working with us on behalf of  Sankofie.
Bohio Atabei and the "PDJ family of native nations respects and  says Bomatum (Thank You). 
Ms. Carol Miller for the beauty and wisdom of your noble warrior spirit. 
Bomatum (Thank You) "Sankofie's family and all the coordinators of this event. Bomatum from the bottom of our heart's and  the top of our souls for your love, respect, and dedication to the bonds of friendship that hold our people together. 
Most of all for your love of Xamaika and its people. You truly represent and embody the wisdom of the words of 
your nation's motto. Out of Many One ! 

Bohio Atabei and PDJ look forward to helping all of our Caribbean region promote cultural pride and honor its ancestral past.

Respectfully In the Spirit of the Ancestors 
On behalf of the Council of Grandmothers,
Taino Bohio Atabei Inaruono Yuka Aroa Guaribono.
Bomatum much love Seneko Kakona Guaitiao's.🙏💕