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Monday, March 13, 2017

Through the Eyes of Rebel Women by Iris Morales

THE YOUNG LORDS, 1969-1976

This first account about the experiences of the women members is a "story within a story" told from the inside out. The Young Lords emerged in New York in the late sixties to fight poverty, racial and gender inequality, and the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Women in the Young Lords organized to build a people's movement and fought the “revolution within the revolution” believing that women’s equality was inseparable from the society’s progress as a whole.

Written and edited by Iris Morales, THROUGH THE EYES OF REBEL WOMEN consists of essays, interviews, and primary source documents. Morales chronicles the revolutionary rise of the Young Lords, the role and contributions of its women members, and the group’s decline.

Included are interviews with former women members conducted for the film ¡Palante, Siempre Palante!The Young Lords and edited specifically for the book. Photographs and articles written from 1969 through 1973 complete the volume. The entire narrative affirms that social movements do not develop in a vacuum but arise to spearhead solutions to the injustices occurring in society.

In the book's Introduction,
 distinguished historian and women’s studies scholar,  Dr. Edna Acosta-Belén,writes: “These women activists are ... the brave feminist warriors who battled for equality in intersecting (not isolated or separated) arenas of class, race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality; part of that noble league of defenders of universal human rights.”

Ericka Huggins, human rights activist, former Black Panther Party member, and political prisoner, summarizes: “As I read this book, I was continually inspired by the history of the Young Lords and the great women within it. Iris Morales writes a story that parallels the story of the women in the Black Panther Party and women throughout the globe. The structural and interpersonal work we must do to uplift humanity always starts from the inside out!”

Through the Eyes of Rebel Women is a must-read for everyone interested in the people's movements of the 1960s and 70s.
Listen to interviews with Iris Morales:

 Book is available in print and as ebook on Amazon, IngramSpark, iBooks, and Smashwords.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Full Moon Circle Sunday March 12,2017 Karaya Jaguara

The Jaguar’s medicine finding your way within the chaos,understanding and moving without fear in the darkness,  empowering yourself, reclaiming your power.

Mujeres it is once again the time to gather as sisters
play our drums ,sing our songs and find in our teachings the wisdom of the ancestors.

Next Bohio Circle on March 12,2017  will be during the Jaguar Moon.
This is Bibi Karayas 9th cycle
From 1-5 PM
It will be held at Majagua'naru's bohio.You can call f... 718-549-5677
for exact address:) or email us with your intent to attend at either..
bohioatabei@aol.com or atabeisjaguas@gmail.com

Dress in comfortable clothes for we will go to Inwood park for part of the ceremony .:)
Bring your drums and or your maracas ...The new fire will soon be with us  so let us prepare for it .
I am asking each of you to bring a song to share from your heart ....or a Taino story to tell :) 

This beautiful cycle of grandmother Moon opens the door to the teachings of truth.
It is also Bibi Karayas 9th cycle. The energy of this cycle is to give us a jolt – to wake us up to truth  and make us look at what we have been unable or unwilling to see.
To accept truth is not always easy ....but if we want to set our spirits free we must accept the challenge of first accepting the truth within ourselves and the world around us. As well we must understand how our truth can heal or hurt others.
Only then can we make just decisions amend our ways and keep to the principles of  the universal spiritual laws of right action.

Only then can we like the Jaguar spirit teaches us find our way.
Join us in the circle as we look into the power and beauty of truth especially today when hatred and greed seems to have overtaken  humanity.

We are also at this time approaching the season of spring...this is also a good time to think about  how to renew ourselves to better balance  our lives.Good time to think on how to declutter our minds even before we think about doing any other spring cleaning activity. So join us in the sacred ritual of  preparation for  new beginnings :) 

May all of you be Blessed with smiles in your hearts and sunlight in your souls.

Abrazos Bibi Inaru.

*** Our Circles are always free of charge but you may give a donation...Note all donations are used to continue our teaching and healing circle and community projects.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Luna del Guaraguau :) Hawk Moon 2/10/2017

February 10 / February 11, 2017 — Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

February’s Full Moon, the Snow Moon, on February 10/11 will grow a little darker from 22:34:14 UTC until 02:53:25 UTC when Earth casts a shadow, the penumbra, on the Moon.This penumbral lunar eclipse is visible in most populated areas on Earth, including most of North and South America, Europe, Africa, and most of Asia.

For our Northern Relatives this Full Moon is called the snow moon and rightly so...Yet for us in the Caribbean where our ancestors never really saw any snow unless they travelled away from our warm .This Moon is Hawk Moon. The 8th moon in Bibi Karaya's 13 moon cycle.
This is the time the sacred Red Tail Hawks begin their mating dance and prepare for nesting :) on our island homelands.
It is also a time to remember our ancestors for they would all look to the skies at times like this. Our ancestors would look closely as a lunar eclipse could affect the crops,the tides and mothers giving birth among other things.Thus Moon watching during the time of a lunar eclipse with a full moon was intense and more then likely a time for ceremony by all in order to stay connected to the natural rhythm of our universe.
These observations thru thousand of years needless to say brought about a greater understanding of our universe and also opened the door to new wisdoms. These observations all reminded them how important it was to live in harmony with all life and this is still true today.
So no matter where you find yourselves today ladies weather under the skies of a snow moon or a Hawk moon take a moment to look up into the dark skies and if even for just one short moment...pay your respects to this magnificent universe...Know that you are a part of it.

Let grandmother moon in her fullness and in her eclipse ring of lite remind you of our ancestors's and why they had respect and honor for our spirituality, our people and our way of life .
Let her remind you via the sacred Guaraguau one of the messenger of the spirit world ...that we must learn the power of focus and take the actions of leadership when the time calls for it.
Let us also be reminded that in our connection with spirit we grow wiser.
So we may dance the dance of love friendship and understanding wherever we nest.

May Bibi Karaya in her eclipse ring of lite also show us how to let the lite of our spirits shine from behind any ring of darkness that is placed before us.
Let nothing step in the way of filling your hearts and the hearts of others with the lite of your smiles and may the wisdom of the ancestors guide you .Be kind and be of service in a good way to each other and to all relatives who walk under the skies of this magnificent universe with you.If there is any time when we have to do this  it is the times we are living in today..!!! Much Love and Hugs Bibi Inaru :)