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Think native walk in balance

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Love my skirt :)

I love long skirts   I love how they gently flow across the face of mother earth with a quiet kiss for her .
I love walking in a circle of power ... for as you walk the shadow of your skirt forms a circle where you are standing in the center  
Abuelo Sol then smiles and reminds you of how special and how sacred you as a giver of life mujer   Like Abuela Luna who is luminous in her fullness and round like so many other celestial bodies in our magnificent and beautiful universe , may you also form many luminous circles in your very own journey around the sun.
Haci es que Wear your skirts with respect for yourselves. See how the shadows they form around you remind you of the circles of life . Walk quietly in wisdom and strength of spirit in those circles and bring honor to your people in the way of your ancestors . Walk with love upon mother earth mis hijas and she in turn will love you. Love you Full circle 💖💗🙏
Ata Inaru.

Friday, November 30, 2018


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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Belated Full Moon message :) Nov 2018

                                                     Today November 27 ,2018
As we approach the month of December 2018, in the Caribbean
it means that we are closer  to the end of the active hurricane season. 

This year, as we move forward and look to longer days of sunlight, we must not forget that in 2017 on September 20th hurricane Maria made landfall in the Caribbean. Severely hit by the strong winds of Hurricane Maria was Boriken ( aka Puerto Rico ) which suffered much destruction and tragedy. As well over 3,000 lives were lost and Boriken today as of November of 2018  is still in the process of what has become a lengthy and difficult recovery —but recover it will.
As such these thoughts bring me to Full Moon message I had intended for November 2018, but somehow in my busy schedule it never got done. In any case and however, it is never too late for each of us to look back at all the hurricanes in our lives during the past 11 months especially those that have brought about the strong winds of cleanings and change—those that have hurt our spirits.

In some cases, we have been severely wounded. We perhaps are still in recovery, but recover we must … and that by far is the biggest lesson we at times must remember. We must work to recover from whatever pain we have had to endure. We must respect ourselves enough to do what it takes to remove ourselves from environments that can produce negative and self defeating actions and thoughts.

   Take charge of your attitude to life.
   Focus on making things better and never allow self pity to take over.
   Instead do not be afraid to say I do not know, I need help.
   Be kinder to yourself than necessary .
   Take time to smell the roses and pray for wisdom, not for things, because no matter 
   what the force of the wind is you must recover and you will.  Abrazos Bibi Inaru

Think native walk in balance