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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

In Support Of Our Relatives ,Bohio Women Saying ...NO!!! to NDPL.

Really proud of our Young warrior women from the Bohio who have been supporting our relatives at Standing Rock.
One of our young ladies is still there.
Also there are buses leaving from NY going to Standing Rock please contact Esperanza Martell Bohio Grandmother for more info.
Bohío Atabei Mujeres De La Yuka y el Jaguar-Inaruono Yuka Aroa Guribono
Bohio Atabei Indigenous women warriors Honoring our Ancestors, Rebuilding our Communities, Exploring our Horizons, Safeguarding our Future, Celebrating our Culture, with Respect for our Spirit and all of Creation.We own our power to be.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Please support our runners .Your HELP is needed .

Familia, asking that you keep our PDJ runners in your daily prayers. Please pray for their safety and well-being.

Recently they encountered some problems crossing the manmade borders of Abia Yala. A entire contingent of runners 8 US, 7 Mexicas, 2 Jamaican, and 1 Salvadorian were held at one of the border crossings under really bad weather conditions. The following day they had to go the embassy of the country they were not allowed to enter. They had to pay for visas that originally were not needed to then be allowed to continue. They were also exposed to tear gas attacks while in a prayer circle with our Garifuna relatives who were marching against injustice.

The entire PDJ family immediately went into action to do whatever was necessary for our runners. Phone calls were made and money was sent to successfully resolve the issues and avoid any further delays and or problems. Our runners are now safe and moving forward. As an Abuela and member of the PDJ family words are not enough to express how proud I feel to be part such a beautiful caring and powerful circle of warriors :) PDJ warriors.

With that said, we again will ask that you help with any donation that you can afford so we can continue to move forward. Please keep to mind that all Indigenous actions big or small are connected. The warriors defending mother earth and our rights as Indigenous nations are being attacked on many fronts. This is why many of our runners went to Standing Rock to help, support and defend alongside other native nations and peoples of kindred spirit our relatives.

This is why PDJ runners joined our relatives in action against injustice in other areas of Abya Yala, and why our runners carry our power of prayer and ancestral wisdom across all of Abya Yala.

Every stand against the injustice being propelled against our people and nations needs our help and our support. So please take a moment to reflect and to help by donating whatever you can. 
PDJ Closing ceremonies can also use donations for food and housing as well some of our people will need help in getting back home after being away from their families for months.You can send your donation via PayPal to

Lydia Martinez Northern Region Coordinator paypal email address: cihuatlakbal@hotmail.com

Alternatively, you can go directly to donate button on this page as well.
Please state on your donation CLEARLY, what it is for....Thank You

Friday, October 14, 2016

Supermoon will appear this weekend - Bohio Women's Circle will be on Sunday Oct 16,2016

Bohio Atabei (House of Mother Earth) invites you to join our Women’s circle (Dates are listed at end of this post) our circle is a sisterhood of sharing and teachings to help us reconnect with the wisdom of our ancestral heritage. We share our voices with each other, we sing, dance laugh cry and open our hearts to the beauty and love of our feminine spirit as did our ancestral grandmothers. Mothers, aunties and sisters did before us. We give power to our feminine to help each other heal the wounds of our past and present so we can move forward to help and empower our people. If we heal mother earth Bibi Atabei, Itikubaba heal….If we heal our nations and our people heal for no nation is conquered if the hearts and spirits of its women are strong. 
Note non-native sisters who wish to participate in our circle and wish to join us with love and respect are welcomed.
All participants must call in advance, as space is limited :)

Please arrive on time bring your drums and or maracas ( rattle ) and feel free to bring objects that are connected to you or your people in a good way to place in the Blessing circle. The grandmothers circle Bohio Atabei encourages all of you to wear comfortable clothing, wear, or bring a skirt.
Lite organic refreshments will be provided at our circles but you are welcomed to bring a dish to share.
Note we strive to stop the pollution and further destruction of mother earth As such we respectfully ask that you bring your own dish, spoon cup or glass etc and or recyclable containers to use.
Suggested donation: $20 
For more info and address of locations Email  atabeisjaguas@gmail.com
Or call 347-400-0601

Listed are dates and times for our Oct, Nov, and Dec 2016 circles
Oct 16, 2016 Full Moon -NYC
Nov 14, 2016 Full Moon-NYC
Dec 14, 2016 Full Moon –NY NYC
Thank you Bibi Inaru:) 


Think native walk in balance