Thursday, November 6, 2014

Linda Flor de Boriken es hoy tu cumpleaños Yari Sina Sierra

Yari  Preciosa

Eres una canción hermosa llena de buenos sentimientos.
Eres la sinceridad de la palabra y la voz que reclama la verdad.
Tus ojos reflejan la belleza de tu raza  noble de tu madre tierra Boriken.
Bendecida por Turey eres  fuerza devina por ser mujer Dichosos los que a tu lado caminan mujer Taina mujer Boricua
 hija de Atabey:) 

Esta Bibi te adora y te desea todo lo mas hermoso y bueno del la vida.
felicidades mi muchacha bella.
Bibi Inaru.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bibi Esperanza Martell's Pilon Ceremony on September 7th, 2014

On Sunday, September 7, 2014 Bohio Atabei had the honor of welcoming Esperanza Martell-Educator, Artist, Healer, Activist (and the list goes on) to our beloved Taino Council of Grandmothers. Espe we are so lucky and blessed to have you share your wisdom, love and knowledge with us. Below are some photos of our fearless leader Bibi Vanessa Inaru Pastrano and Bibi Esperanza Martell at the beautiful Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan, where family, friends and community members gathered to honor our dear Espe!

Photos by Amy Majagua'naru Ponce 2014

Photos by Edgardo Acevedo 2014

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bibi Marohuya's Owl dance November 6,2014

Ladies we will soon be in the full dance of Bibi Marohuyas monthly cycle.
In the beauty of her fullness on November 6,2014 she reminds us of the wisdom of the owl.
While for many the owl is an omen of death and or darkness
For us the Taino people and other relatives the Owl is a messenger of truth and wisdom.

So it is this Sunday, November 9,2014 from 1- 5 PM
Bohio Atabei women’s  circle invites you to  come and share
 With us and other sisters the wisdom of  owl medicine  in our lives
 As well, we will have a special  honoring and healing session with the grandmothers
 Focused on our unique spiritual umbilical cord connection to our mothers and how  this connection  affects us as women throughout our lives.

Note you are asked to call or email for further details if you wish to attend.
718-549-5677 or send an email to bohioatabei no later than Friday, November 7, 2014
Please note: space is limited.
This circle and workshop are free of charge, however donations are always most welcomed.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Amy Majagua'naru Ponce :)

I wrap my soul around you for you are loved beyond measure .
You truly lite up my life
and the lives of many with your quiet and strong spirit.

So on this your day :)
Preciosa felicidades ahora y siempre mi bella Majagua'naru.
Eres Flor de Boriken :)
y un regalo para el mundo del Creador.

Que tu vida se llene de bendiciones ahora y siempre…
Pues eres amor sincero y  a tu corta edad eres sabiduría  ancestral  porque haci lo qiso Yokahu   
Love you love you love you.
Be happy always Bibi Inaru