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Friday, August 28, 2015

Full Moon Message August 29.2015

Ladies laugh a little and take some time out for yourselves this Super Full Moon of Aug 29,2015.
Write a love letter to yourself  and it put away so from time to time you can come back to it and read it to your soul.
Abuela  Inaru.

Video y Cancion  Abuela Luna De Abuela Margarita .

Note: In response to questions about our Full Moon ceremonies.
All of our Moon Ceremonies are led by women only!!!
If you are interested in participation please send us an email  ( bohioatabei@aol.com ) and we will add you to our mailing list. Note we are a circle of indigenous women.
Our ceremonies and all of what we do is based on the teachings of our indigenous abuelas.
Our Moon ceremonies are for us a time to strengthen our female energy and understand how to use it in a good way. It is not just ceremony it is more than that for there are things women do and know about women as sisters that are totally separate from the male energy...as such the Bohio women choose to do women only Moon circles especially on the actual day of the Full Moon.
We are the ones that bleed, we give breast milk, we give of our love and we have wombs that give life.
Our full Moon circles help us to understand this and to purify together as women....as so many women not only in our indigenous cultures but others have done for millions of years.

We see this time as sacred for us and special in so many ways.
As such the Bohio will remain a circle for our women to come .A space for our abuelas to teach our young girls coming of age and a place to be embraced by our sisters for the memory of our people is in our wombs and our ovaries carry the future of our nations.
Together as women we learn how to respect our bodies, give birth, raise our children and so much more.

With that said may all of you be blessed and may every Full Moon bring us all new wisdom’s :) 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Indigenous Resistance message from Bohio Atabei

AKA ( puerto rico) this is an insult to all the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and it is a monument to an assassin,slave trader and author of the greatest genocide on earth.
Please help by sighing petition and please consider marching with us against this project as well as marching in your communities across all of the Americas against this. We are are launching a global protest request please help.Please pass this on to all your sites and timelines.

Resistencia Indigena Mensaje del Bohio.
A todos nuestros familiares Necesitamos su ayuda para detener un ESTATUA GIGANTE DE COLÓN DE SER erigida en la isla de Borikén.
AKA (Puerto Rico), este es un insulto a todos los pueblos indígenas de las Américas y es un monumento a un asesino, traficante de esclavos y autor del mayor genocidio en la tierra de nuestros pueblos.
Por favor, ayuden firmando esta petición y consideren marchar con nosotros en contra de este proyecto, así como tambien pueden marchr en sus comunidades a través de todo el continente americano en contra de este.
Vamos hacer una protesta global !!! Por favor compartan esto en sus paginas.
En la Union Indigena esta nuestra fuerza!!!.