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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Finding Meaning in Earth and Spirit Artwork by Gina Robles -Villalba.

This Sunday, September 29,2019,
I attended an art exhibit :) at the "Non-Profit Village in Rockville MD.
The featured artist was our
Ata Bibi Gina Rix'Turey.🌹
With Friends and family present Bibi Gina spoke about what inspires her and how she turns those inspirations into beautiful works of art.

The room was filled with smiling faces, poetry and  wonder because each work of art adorning the walls
was as beautiful as the soul that created them.
I could not help but think when Bibi Gina spoke of her inspirations …. How much she inspires all of us.
In the eyes of all present, I saw the same thought.

We came to see her art and to also say Thank You Gina Rix'turey for the awesome expressions of your work Your Art gives us all a moment to reflect and see the world from a different positive and spiritually beautiful perspective. In your Art is also the goodness of spirit and the kindness of heart you give to all who are fortunate enough to meet you thru it.

Thank You, Hermana for the love you give to your people and the honor you bring to the center of the circle.

Thank You for the creative beauty we saw on those walls.

The ancestors are smiling just like everyone in that room was on Sunday, Sept 29,2019, Happy for you and Happy we were able to share this special moment with you.
May the universe send us more Gina's to fill the earth with color in the best of ways.

I have included a few pics of some of the art being displayed… :) as well as a link to
Bibi Gina's page where all reading this post can see more work from this incredible native Aruake Boriqua Indigenous artist.    

Also attending the Exhibit were some amazing folks among them, Jay Nite Wolf,  Verona Iriarte, producers on WPFW, Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez, who delighted us with a poetry reading from her book  "Coconut Curls y Cafe Con Leche"

Boriqua poet and author Naomi Ayala :) as well as a host of friends and family all awesome in their own way and unfortunately too numerous to mention in this one post.

The event was skillfully organized by Jose Carlos Merino who Bibi Gina lovingly refers to as her son

from another mother :)
Get Inspired Visit Bibi Gina's page  

Think Native Walk in Balance  💖Ata Bibi Inaru 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Fall Equinox :) Fill your baskets with love

The weather today clearly did not reflect the calendar time table that indicates the day as the beginning of Fall But since it is mother nature who is in charge it is her call as to how the seasonal changes come about... In any case, many of us are thinking it is the fall and time to celebrate the harvest
As such with that thought to mind I will share with you my thoughts on today by referring to the title of a beautiful Poem Bibi Karaira posted on our page "White Girls in My Spanish class.
I love poetry because it is yet another art form of expressing what is in our souls and in this mindset is why
I think we need to remove the words white /Black from our vocabulary when we are referring to people Because in this society the words white /Black sadly always come down to some expression or form of racist hate.
This poem the "White Girls in My Spanish Class in its title unintentionally leans in that direction and it is not because the poet is racist, for She is not.
Fact is if you get to read or hear the poem you can feel the beauty and the pain of the poets spirit in her words and that is something a racist mindset can not do or even understand, for a racist does not have beauty in their souls nor can it enter while they are promoting hate and drinking its elixir.
Now totally understand the way the poet tries to convey her pain in the use of the word white but not all will understand this and the truth is not all white people are evil or bad and sadly that can also come across unintentionally not only in this poem but in many other compositions of the spoken word.
I myself have had to rethink what I write and or say because good people come in a rainbow of skin tones and smiles:).
Good people do not need to feel discriminated against with the use of words that for the most part have been twisted around to mean something other than their true meaning and now have racist connotations.
Black /white is a color, not a person and for sure not an inferior one... they also are not our words.
So it is I often I think how very beautiful if we only knew and or spoke our own native languages fluently enough to use them.
I do not doubt that our ancestral language is filled with words that would express how our people feel about all the wrongs and or rights that affect humanity yet our native languages do so without using words that move us in the direction of anger or racist hate instead they move us more into understanding ourselves. Our native languages inspire us to be better human beings ...how awesome is that.

Words have power and in their power, they can transform our mindset. As such we need words that lead us into better human communications and bring us together as relatives in good ways without diminishing what we have to say about the detrimental effects of racial discrimination and injustice.
So it is we all should be on a quest to eliminate the words white /black and others like them with twisted meanings made to promote hate when it comes to people.
Fact is we actually should give all haters more fitting names as the opposers of good. You see all opposers to good are hateful, harmful and extremely confused humans. Most are totally out of balance and out of harmony with all life ... to make matters worse they also live on planet earth.

We know this because our ancestor did they were very aware of them but it was not based on the color of their skin but on their actions. Our ancestors were so aware of the harm haters could bring into the lives of others that they left us the story of the two caves where mankind came out of... One was Kasibajaguar where the good people emerged from.. and the other cave Amayauna where the maboya people came from. Both were Araguake both walked the earth only the Amayauna brought pain tears and suffering and from that suffering, we learned to be even more aware of the importance of love and respect for in the long run the Amayauna people destroyed themselves in the process of trying to destroy us.
As such we today as a people should ask ourselves or as individuals are we using words that bring pain to others and divide us as relatives ??? or are we truly walking in the footsteps of our ancestors by using words that bring the much needed healing our people need ???.
Are we walking in the footsteps of our oppressor by oppressing others with our actions?
Or are we embracing the wisdom of our Zemis ( Spirit ) as the sons and daughters of Itibakahubaba? (mother earth) Are we truly living our culture as a nation of the good and Noble people that emerged from the heart of Kasibajguar.?
Are we flying with the Sacred Guaraguau ( Red Tail Hawk ) to greet Abuelo sol each sunrise with love or are we on the road to self-destruction with those who emerged from Amayauna filled with hate?
Let's give that some thought today as we enter into another season where the harvest is celebrated and mother earth begins her preparations for the long sleep she will take on this side of the world come winter.
Lets truly try to clear our minds of all destructive thought and embrace our differences in such a way that we learn to appreciate each other with true Taino love, compassion and respect wisely.

Happy Fall Equinox may your life's harvest Jaba (basket ) be filled with greatness and may your words bring healing
Think native walk in balance 🌹❤️🤗 Ata Bibi Inaru

Monday, September 16, 2019

Full Moon Weekend Sept ,13-14-2019 Taino Community Celebrations

What an
 Taino Full Moon Celebrations 

Our Bohio Atabei Sisters had a Full Moon Ceremony in Beautiful
Inwood Park on Friday the 13th 2019
Some of us also attended and joined our 
Taino family  and  other relatives in the
Taino Areyto held by Yukaiyeke Maisiti on Saturday the 14th, 2019. 

Both events were filled with 

We Celebrated our Culture, Our People, Our Relatives
We gave Thanks for our Yuka , Mahi, the water, the air we breathe and everything that Mother Earth gives us in all of her manifestations
We gave Thanks to grandfather Sun for his fire of life and the energies life expressed in the wisdom of our ancient Zemis.
We extend to you our joy in the sharing of a few pictures of what has been a beautiful Taino Community events weekend Sept, 2019

The first group of pictures is from 
Bohio Atabei Full Moon and Fall Ceremonial celebration.
 The second group of pictures is of Yukayeke Maisiti 's Areyto and memorial ceremony for Edwin Cedeno and relatives now in Soraya.

Full Moon Ceremony Friday the 13th 2019

Sisterhood at its best 
Two other ladies left like just a few minutes before we were able to take a closing group picture but their energy was as present as were the spirits of all our sisters who could not be with us here in NYC 
but were doing a ceremony at the same time in spaces outside of the city.

The Smiles say it all
 The Ceremony was absolutely beautiful.
Just as our Ancestors did, we sang, we prayed and we danced under the glow of
Ata Karaya
The presence of the spirit of our Abuelas and all of our sisters present and past was felt by each one of us.
We also gave our words of gratitude to the ancestors 
the land of the Lenape Delaware and Mohawk relatives who originally walked it lived it and still love it. Inwood Park is part of that and we as Taino people respect that the original relatives of this land have received us with open hearts. 

Bohio Atabei Women  Say with love 
HaHomm , Bomatum, Gracias  
Seneko kakona 

To all our Relatives originally from this land as well all relatives and all our sisters 



Yukaiyeke Maisiti Kacike Guraguaurix leads everyone  in Areyto dance

James Moss of  "Mother Earth Music 
and one of the original drummers from
Edwins Drum Circle was present and honored us all playing one of Edwin's compositions.
Koki Koki :) 
The song of the little tree frog
one of Edwin drums.

                  Everyone present Taino and non Taino's were invited to join the song and dance.

Young Warrior Cuyo Areito ( Kasike Guarauguaurix 's son and a PDJ runner Sings a Taino honoring song in a memorial 

 ceremony held by the river for Edwin Cedeno
    Yukayeke Maisti Family had for him.

Kasike Guaraguaurix in ceremony overlooks from the higher ground as he signals in the sounding of the Guamos as Edwin Cedeno's headdress is placed into the river to join in the flow of  Bibi Atabei's waters.