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Think native walk in balance

Monday, May 28, 2018

Full Moon Message May 29,2018

The Full Moon of may 29,2018 will close the ending Cycle of Serpent (Goa) wisdom. This is the time when the Caribbean Guaitibiri prepares it's teachings to bring into the week of the up and coming new moon

This is a good time to ritualistically release any negative expressions :)  
As well if You had intentions written down for this period now coming to a close This is the time to assert them by speaking them into the winds of the seven directions . Especially If You are a woman ,for the full moon period is when you are Blessed with your female energy at it's strongest.
Cleaning the negatively cluttered spaces of your heart ,mind and spirit is a good thing. After all you have to make room for new teachings and your Spirit loves to remove all that is unfavorable from its path .🙏


Good morning Mujeres  Now I had intended a different Full Moon message this week ... but I decided to change it due to recent facebook responses to a post I wrote.
But Don' t worry I am not going to repeat the post nor talk about it on this thread. 
Rather I am going to write about what we should consider when we get responses that are more likely posted insults , stupid rhetoric etc on social media as feedback , that can trigger us into anger .
So the subject of this message is .

How do I respond to what may make me angry ?
A subject that is important when we look at it from a native teaching /learning perspective.
To begin know that most of the time hateful and aggressively negative reactions tend to be from spiritually out of balanced mindsets . To boot many clearly have some serious communication issues.

So the first thing to not do is respond to them because that will only throw you out of balanced spiritually.
You see the balanced mind will respond weather in agreement or not in a different way.
The balanced mind does not resort to vulgarity, violent actions and hateful behavior. The balance mind thinks before it reacts.

The reason for that is the balanced mind knows it can be very unhealthy for you if you respond to the tirades of fools in the same way they react and want you to do as well .
Now if you have to , you can be positive and aggressive right or wrong without throwing your mind out of balanced or triggering your spirit to discharge destructive currents of energy that can make you sick. To do that is akin to running someone over in a road rage fit or worse killing yourself in the process.
Our native ways teach us,
that what are called emotions are really spiritual energy currents /discharges that run thru our bodies in response to certain environments and or situations, we may find ourselves at in any given moment. 

These Spiritual currents are different from the physical responses our bodies naturally have. For example if you get physically hurt .. like when all of sudden you cut your finger while cooking or something... you say ouch ... quickly lift your hand up or suck on your finger.. well that is a built in physical reaction to protect the body but your spiritual response is totally different.
Like you can not get angry at the knife or at your hand enough to cut it off. Instead you run for a curita. 
So it is your spirit responds with different currents of energy ... and there are several. These are the basic ones. Anger, happiness, sadness ,love, hate and fear.
FYI -They all interrelate and contribute to the harmony and balance of your mind so you can effectively use and or manifest what your spirit wants to say or do via your body ... which equals to and is interpreted as the intentions of your deliberate actions.
Now the two strongest currents your spirit has are Love and Hate which interrelate with joy and anger  Now which ever one you entertain they do affect your physical health.
You see each cell in your body is affected by these currents .
So much so that your body's electrical charges from your brain , heart and nerves can be thrown out of sequence.
Out of sequence rhythms in the body's electrical charges can cause heart attacks ,strokes, nerve damage etc.
FYI measuring electrical charges in your body is how some physical health issues are detected. EKG's are a perfect example.
Now I am not saying that there are no other factors that can cause a severe medical problem for you but most of the time your state of mind is the biggest contributor to many an illness. 

Yet unlike the bodies electrical charges that pretty much are programmed by nature to specific organs, defense mechanisms ,movement and cellular function Spiritual currents are often spontaneous and always leave emotional residue. Spiritual currents can linger thru out your entire body and all of your cells.
This in turn will effect the DNA of your eggs.
 In men their sperm. Thus affecting the future generations you may give birth to as woman and 
 If severe enough generations beyond your immediate offsprings…. like your grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

Spiritual currents can also ignite predisposed diseases in your body and or can fuel existing ones and depending on the level of emotion it can be good or bad . Healing for both Body, mind and spirit itself can also be affected . Your entire life can be derailed if your spirit is broken.
So it behooves you to think native so you may live and walk in balance.
So how do you help yourself move in the direction of native thought to think like the ancestors…. so you may stay balanced and in harmony with self in whatever situation .
For starters you must begin to live your culture for it can help your spirit keep its emotions in balance .
You also should stay away from people and places that are a vexation to your soul.
That is not always easy because after all you have to live your daily life and everywhere you go like work etc May not be the best environments at times .

To boot like the ancestors we are often surrounded by people who are just chuck full of hate, anger even to much gushy mushy tip toe thru the tulips behavior…. that may not be violent can be out of balance and can trigger negative emotions. 

As such and thinking native  here are a few other ways I was taught from an old native elder to keep the scales of your life in a constant balance so you do not tip over in any direction but rather stay centered.
First reconnect with yourself. Like mediate for short periods. 
Focus on your breathing till you only feel your breath.  flowing in and out of the physical you.
Still your mind into silence tune out all sound except for the sounds of nature... the wind, the ocean if you live near it ... in this way you can use your energy to slowly clear your mind of negative distractions. 

Just a few minutes a day will help you tremendously.
By the way you can do this anywhere. If you have a backyard great if not crack a window  go to the park or sit on the fire escape.  

Do it at sunrise and make a ceremony of it or at 12noon when Abuelo Sol is smiling in the balance of the day  or at sundown when Meketauri Guayaba takes flight or the Mukaro announces his presence. 
How about at dawn right before Bibi Maroya disappears into the lite of a new day.
Learn the use of the spiritual healing medicinal plants and drink teas made from them, some you can also burn as incense
Not all sacred plants are the same. So learn the use of them.
Make your own sacred baths .. You see you each are different so learn to make your own. 
Visit personally elders those who know and ask them to help and teach you.
Attend ceremony for ceremony strengthens your spirit's resolve.
Be wise and never give up your entire day to just working. Make some time of quiet stillness for you. 

Lastly because we spend so much time in todays world on social media …
Do not ever respond to hateful messages that want to trigger you into angry tirades especially from fools 
 Do not get thrown out of mental harmony … by wasting your precious spiritual energy on negative producing discussions.
You must stay spiritually strong 
Remember that as women we are responsible for the life of your future generations … We hold up the world. 

In closing I leave you with a short Excerpt from my poem : Be well be happy love and live . Bibi Inaru

Women Hold Up The World : CVanessa Pastrano
We are the granddaughters of Mother Moon.
Created by the dust of stars, to from the womb of mother earth be born.

We are the ones who hold up the world never allowing for her to fall.
We are the force of life in the winds of the four directions and the song of the seas.

We are rainbows of time and the green of every mountain 
we are the heartbeat of every drum.
Nothing lives or stands without us 
as we are life 
without us-there is none .
We are the ones who hold up the world never allowing for her to fall.

©CVIPR….Vanessa Pastrano.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Full Moon Message 4/29/2018

Serpent moon April 29 ,2018.

Mujeres : How awesome it is when we embark on journeys  that help us balance our emotions and our values :)
So it is in this Full Moon which we call the Serpent Moon
Lest Ata Karaya  luminous glow help you do just that.
Tonite in her fullness sit quietly under her lite :) Let nothing disturb you , close your eyes breathe deeply and think on these things.

As the Snake sheds its skin so we to can shed our false illusions and thoughts that limit us from having a balanced mind. In doing so we then are able to use our energy and desires to achieve wholeness in our own personal journey around the sun.

First we must look within ourselves.
Second we must not ignore our emotions, we must in a healthy way address them.
Tonite the Serpent Moon reminds us of this.
The lesson is ultimately to resolve our emotional wounds or risk destroying all we  have created or seek to create.

This full moon bring any toxic emotions to the surface and release them. 
"Think jealousy, rage, anger, envy, fear, paranoias and so on. Let it all go and do not allow toxic emotions to play a role in your own self destruction.
Even when life at times triggers off dramas that take  us away from a balanced mind  we must not allow toxic thought to take hold of us.

This full Moon is the time to let go.
Write it out, forgive anyone involved with anything you have written down, and then burn it tonight on this
April 29 ,2018  Full @ EST 8:58 PM 

On this nite  as we end the cycle of the previous full Moon and we start the cycle of the
Serpent Moon shed your skin.
Use snake wisdom to release and let go of old and useless habits and ways. Leave behind the old and release yourself as well from any allegiance to formats that diminish your ability to grow spiritually.

Have a beautiful Full Moon experience :) and remember Ata Karaya also holds the thoughts of all your ancestors...Add yours 💖🙏💖Join them . Abrazos Bibi Inaru 🙏💖👀

Scroll down for some interesting history on this date 

Today is Sunday, April 29, the 119th day of 2018. There are 246 days left in the year.

           1984-Independentistas in Boriken marched
in San Juan in opposition to 
US military interventions in Central America.