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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Childrens Areyto June 22,2019 Mark your calendars.

To All the Indigenous Taino group leaders out here 
Children's Areyto is coming up

Saturday, June 22,2019

Location: 494 E 141st St, The Bronx, NY 10454Bohio is respectfully requesting your individual permissions to post your flags /colors or logos at the Areyto for all to see a little of the awesome
diversity of our communities via the beauty in their designs.
We will put them up with total respect and only for the children's Areyto or you can bring them and of cause join the children in celebrating our people our relatives and all life.

Mi Gente de todo Abya Yala and Mexika 💖Danza groups are welcome to bring the little ones.

ALL are welcomed to attend 💖
Please contact Bohio if you need more info

Note :)

We ask for donations to actually be able to give our children this experience totally free of cost to them.
 Our goal is to generate awareness as well of the importance of
  teaching children about culture.
Teaching them to become aware of and respect the situations and lives of others is one of the best ways to nurture respect for the beauty of human diversity.

  No one is making money from these events yet we do need some money to accomplished what we set out to do.
We want this to be an Areyto, a learning experience for children and a celebration of humanity and mother earth.

As such if you can donate not just money but also your talents, time, etc with genuine love then, by all means, join us. Contact Bohio Circle
our email is  bohioatabei@Aol.com
Thank You for your attention
your time and your contributions :) https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/bohioatabeichildrensareyto/pay

Thank You mi gente .

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Get to know the Jaguars .

Get to know the Jaguars.
In 2012 our Nani took part in Miss Indian world  She was the first runner up.