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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Mateos Areito :) A Caribbean Indigenous Children's Celebration June 3-4 2023


Buen día mi gente :) I want to take a quick moment to say Thank you to those in the Community who took the time to respond to the call for help so we can bring about the children’s Indigenous Areito (celebration ) to be held June 3-4 in Boogie Down South Bronx, New York.

Thank you so much for extending your good thoughts and unselfish support. We still are short of our goals so I will ask please continue to share our fundraiser on your networks … as well please contact me if you wish to volunteer note the event is free of charge to attend for children and their families

Our Circle of Taino Indigenous women strives to bring a smile to the hearts of all the children. 💖💖💖

All the workshops are geared towards sharing the beauty of our Taino and other Indigenous cultures, educating and instilling pride in our young people. 

Closer to the event we will be posting the complete list of activities, speakers, dancers, presenters, etc., who have freely volunteered their time to share with the community and it is to those unselfish and beautiful hearts we will always be grateful to.

So many of us sometimes lose the sense of what is really important. We lose ourselves in the light of a little fame, some monetary reward, and/or the ways of the very systems that have oppressed our Indigenous communities since Columbus and Plymouth Rock. Sometimes we tend to forget to come back home to the spaces and places in our hearts that connect us as one people.

The Children's Areito is one of those spaces where once a year we can come together and share freely with our own. So that our children never forget who they are, share with each other, and embrace the beauty and wisdom of our diverse indigenous cultures as friends and relatives.

So it is I want to say Bomatum, Hahom, Tlazoklamati, in the way of my ancestors to each and every one of you who understands the journey and walks the red road in the way of your people with love and respect honoring the ancestors. 

Yes indeed, we are all related :)

Thank you again to all who have found it in their hearts to help in whatever way they can.  

Lastly, we hope to see you at this free celebration. Please make sure to check in using Eventbrite and secure your seat for the indoor activities as you will need a ticket to enter the theater and indoor workshops (note tickets are free).


 Think Native Walk in Balance :)

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Prayers for Bibi Verona Iriarte's Departure to the realm of the Ancestors March 2023.

A special woman has departed to travel to the stars, her name is Verona Iriarte.
She was a special woman and a Bibi on the council of Atas ( grandmothers ) of our Caribbean Indigenous Women's circle.
Today her physical voice in the world of the living is now silent but her spirit has risen to greater power and she is now one with her ancestors, and now an ancestor to her people.
Bohio Atabei will pay tribute to her on Wednesday, March 29,2023 in an Areito of farewell
to our Bibi, and friend to many.
We will say Thank you to her for always walking alongside her people and doing all she could to give her love and show her concern for our communities. 

Now in the world of the Spirit, she walks among the stars from where she will hear us as we pay our respect to her and honor her life.

Bibi Verona was a silent warrior when it came to words but with courage, she quietly carried her makana into battle at the first signs of injustice and waved it like the true warrior she was.
She loved her family and was so proud of them, she would tell us stories about her grandchildren and all the joy they brought to her they embodied many of her hopes for a better world, and for them and others, she was a staunch advocate of the struggle in the defense of the cause for human rights.

She was our Bibi and supported her Taino people to the end and we know she will be looking out for us from behind the face of the sun.
We will miss her dearly and in our hearts, her teachings will live in all the beautiful memories she has left us. Jan Jan Katu 🙏🙏🙏

You are invited to share with us via a Zoom circle your memories of our Bibi as we say a final earthly farewell to her in the ways of our people.
If you wish to join us please contact our circle at for the zoom link.
 We also extend our heartfelt condolences to her family her daughter and her grandchildren. May they take comfort in knowing Bibi Verona was a beautiful human being who touched many hearts and she will always be remembered in the best of ways.

Monday, March 6, 2023

FULL MOON TUESDAY MARCH 7,2023/ Karayabe Hiwho Waya Konokumtito 7,2023

Karayabe Hiwho Waya Konokumtito 7,2023
This month's Bibi Karaya will dance in the night sky with Jupiter and Venus, two planets, and all 3 will put on a show for those of us who look to the stars. That is a lot of energy pouring down on us 🙂
Bibi Karaya is earth's Mother sister and in the beauty of her celestial lite she reminds us that as the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to get thaw in some areas and gets wetter in others, we are ever closer to the first day of Spring
So this full Moon is a good time to begin to clean up not just your home but also your hearts and minds of all limiting thoughts.
Use this extra Full Moon energy to make the necessary changes for your well-being.
Know that according to many old indigenous ancestral calendars
This is the time to unleash all that is tangled.
It is a good time for the removal of obstacles in your way.
And it is the time to prepare for the new beginnings
So it is whatever your position or situation is on this full moon, use your intuition and feminine force without disrupting your mental harmony.
And think about how to
Unclutter your life and FREE yourself to answer the calling of your soul.
and like Bibi Karaya's sister Bibi Atabei who begins 
to regenerate, it is a good time for you to do the same.

One more thing with good thoughts and within the celebration of this women's month please join me in Spirit wherever you are in the fire of your prayers at sunrise,12 noon, and sunset in remembering all of our great Taino women warriors of the past who fought so our people would survive.

They were the very first murdered indigenous women.
The very first to fight against Euro Invaders and fight against all odds.
remember their names and what they died for,
1503 Kasika Anacaona ,
Kasika Yuiza ,
Kasika Yacoarayta,
Kasika Orocomay,
Kasika Guayerrvas
Kasika Yayo
Kasika Catalina and others.


Over 128 years later Our sisters from the nations of the Eagle stood with courage against the might of the invasion that reached their shores in 1626 and spread across the land from and across plains.

Starting in 1676 with Weetamoo, the female chief of the Pocasset Wamponogg who led her people in battle.
“Cheyenne warrior Buffalo Calf Road Woman had fought a number of battles in leadership roles. At the Battle of the Little Big Horn, it is told she charged Custer, grabbed his saber, and stabbed him, knocking him off his horse, and killing him. Afterward, Cheyenne and Arapaho women stabbed their awls in Custer’s ears, chanting ‘you will listen to our people in the next world.’ They were avenged.”
She wasn’t the only female warrior at the Little Big Horn.
The Arapaho Chief, Pretty Nose, fought there, too. She lived to be 101 years old.
Lozen 1889) was a female warrior and prophet of the Chiricahua Apache who fought beside Geronimo and so many others.

REMEMBER THEM ALL REMEMBER THEM ALL !!! The Missing, the Murdered Indigenous Women ALL OF THEM !!!

As well let us remember our Taino sisters and other sisters of today who have passed and who are greatly missed,
Mayan Comandanta Ramona of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN)
Taino Elder Varin Chevere
Taino Nitayno Under Chief Maria Anani Jimenez ,
Taino Elder Mildred Karaira Gandia Reyes,
Taino Connie Laboy Torres,
Hopi Lori Ann Piestewa,
Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller
LaDonna Tamakawastewin Brave Bull Allard Dakota and Lakota

Standing Rock Elder Helped Lead Anti-DAPL Uprising
REMEMBER THEM REMEMBER THEM ALL in prayer in song and honor their courage.