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Friday, May 25, 2007

On Behalf

On behalf of Kacika Elba Anaka Lugo and family.El Bohio De Atabei and the people of El Pueblo Taino de Boriken (Boriken Taino Nation)wish to say Bo Matum Oma Bahari to all those who extended their well wishes and condolences to the family of our Elder Don Teodoro on his passing.Thank You for your kind words and for the prayer circles held in his memory.Our Kacika Elba Anaka Lugo and her family as well as all of the people of the Taino nation of Boriken will remain eternally grateful.

Bohio Atabei at this time would also like to remind all who are interested in attending Taino Women's gathering Boriken 2007, that June 2007 is last chance for registration and or deposits for the gathering.Bohio Atabei is proud and honored to co sponsor this event as well as honored to have this gathering held in Boriken one of the original homelands of our people.

Lastly it is with great pride that we commend all the Bohio women who attended UN Indigenous Peoples forum at UN....Of special mention is Bohio Atabei sisterMillie Gandia Reyes Boriken Taino Nation and member of UCTP who presented three impacting statement’s on the floor of UN IPF...In every word the love and passion for her people echoed thru the floor .Bo Matum Millie Gandia Reyes it is women like you who will serve as the role models for our young women.How lucky we are that you are one of the daughters of the Bohio Of Atabei.

Honorable mention also goes out to all the Waribos who attended…truly there was balance as our men and women worked together to make sure the voice of our people was heard at UNIPF Sixth session second decade.
May Oro koti koyahu Great Spirit give you all many blessings for a job WELL DONE.
Elder Yuyaboaru Yukayeque Tayaboa region de Guania Pueblo Taino De Boriken

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