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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taino Chiefs Our Heros are not your Heros

Let us remember them with LOVE  sing their names in HONOR and give them RESPECT,
By standing strong today as A PEOPLE.
Let us with the same  respect and courage they had live not with fear but walk with courage upon the Taino Red Road.Let our Spirits,Hearts and Mind  keep the fire of our people ALIVE
Let us RESCUE ,RELEARN and educate ourselves in  the ways of our people in a good and wise way.
Lastly a people divided cannot stand. As such embrace each other in the wisdom of understanding,sit in circles of dialoque because in the long run the fate of one is the Fate of all.
.Peace mi gente :)

Abey - Cacique (Chief) of yucayeque-(village) in the area of Abeyno Salinas, Boriken

Agüeybaná - Cacique whose name means "The Great Sun" was "Supreme Cacique" in Boriken. His yucayeque was on the Guayanilla Bay area.

Anacaona - Cacica of Kiskeya.Haiti region....Wife of Kacike Caonabo.She was  reported to have had friendly encounters with escaped slaves. Island of Anacaona in Haiti reportedly named after her.

Agüeybaná II - Cacique Agüeybaná's brother. (See Güaybaná).
Alonso - Cacique minor of (Otoao) Utuado, Boriken.

Aramaná - Cacique around Coa (Toa) river in Boriken.
Arasibo - Cacique of yucayeque in the area of río Abacoa (Río Grande de Arecibo) Arecibo, Boriken.

Aymamon - Cacique of yucayeque around river Culebra in Boriken.
Brizuela - Cacique of Baitiquirí, Cuba.

Bagnamanay - Cacique of the Caguas, Boriken .
Cacicaná - Cacique of the Las Tunas, Cuba area.

Cacimar - Cacique of Caribe ancentry, his yucayeque was in the "Isla de Bieque" Bieques, Boriken.
Caguax - Cacique of yucayeque by the Turabo River Caguas, Boriken.

Caguax - Cacique who Reigned over the territory of Sabaneque çaguax Sagua La GrandeCuba.

Canóbana - Cacique of yucayeque around Cayniabón river (Río Grande de Loíza), Canovanas, Boriken.
Cagüana - Cacique minor in Utuado area in Puerto Rico.

Casiguaya - Wife of Guamá Captured in 1521 Hung herself.

Caonabo - Cacique of Kiskeya Aka  Hispaniola ruled The province of Ciguayos (Cayabo or Maguana) Kiskeya.

Cayey - Cacique of yucayeque in Cayey,Boriken.
Comerio - Cacique who ruled the region in the area Comerío, Boriken. Son of the Cacique Caguax de Cuba.

Dagüao - Cacique of yucayeque at Santiago river, Naguabo, Boriken.
Doña Ines - Cacica , mother of Cacique Agueybana of Boriken, spanish name given to her by Ponce de Leon an action spanairds took when forcing Tainos into being baptized...Many did or faced a cruel death by order of the chruch and spanish crown.

Doña María - Cacica , daughter of Cacique Bagnamanay , her Taíno name is unknown.
Enriquillo- Cacique from the Barahona region of Hispaniola,Kiskeya leader of a rebellion against the Spanish.
Guacanagari - Cacique who received Columbus after the Stanta Maria ran aground in Hispaniola Kiskeya Married To Anacaona.

Güamaní - Cacique of yucayeque around Guayama, Boriken or Manatí, Boriken.

Guamá - Cacique of Cuba fought the Spaniards at Baracoa 
Oliguama - Cacique of Kiskeya  Haiti region.

Guanikeyu - Cacique of Jatibonicu and descendant of Cacique Orocobix.Boriken
Guarionex - Cacique (important) of yucayeque in Utuado, Boriken. Said to have been Guardian of sacred stone tablets
Güaybaná - Cacique who fought the Spaniards with Güarionex. Known by some historians as Agüeybana II.
Güaraca - Cacique of yucayeque in Guayaney in Boriken
Habaguanex - Cacique De La Habana Cuba.
Hatuey - Cacique "Supreme" of  Kiskeya aka Hispaniola fought the Spanish in Cuba.

Hayuya - Cacique of Hayuya, Boriken.
Jacaguax - Cacique who historian José Toro Sugrañes believed ruled the region of Juana Díaz, Boriken. The Jacaguas River was named in his honor.

Jumacao - Cacique known as Juan de Jumacao. in the village of Macao. The area is nowadays the town of Humacao, named after the cacique Humacao, Boriken
Lucayan -Taíno tribe of the Bahamas..Note this was really the first Island Columbus landed on.

Naguabo - Cacique near the municpality of Naguabo, Boriken.
Mabodomaca - Cacique in the north west region near Guajataca.
Mayagoex - Cacique of Mayagüez, Boriken
Majagua - Cacique who ruled either Bayamón, Boriken or the region near Fajardo, Boriken.
Mayagua - Cacique who ruled Yagüeca in Mayagüez.
Monilla - Cacique on the island of (Amona). Aka Isla Mona

Orocobix - Cacique of the Jatibonicu region which covers the municipalities of Orocovis, Aibonito, Barranquitas, Morovis and Corozal, in Boriken The descendant of Cacique Orocobix is Cacique Guanikeyu. (II).
Urayoán - Cacique of "Yucayeque del Yagüeka or Yagueca", who ordered the drowning of Diego Salcedo.

Yaguacayo - Cacique from Yucayo reigned over Havana & Matanzas Cuba. Also Known as

Yuisa (Luisa) - Cacique in the region near Loíza, Boriken who was baptized by the spaniards. Died (1514) during a Carib raid on her land.
Yaureybo - Cacique and brother of Cacique Cacimar on the island of Bieques Died (1514) during a surprise attack by the Spaniards as he readied his men to attack the mainland to avenge his brother Cacimar's death.
Yuquibo - Cacique who ruled in the region of Luquillo in Boriken Known as Loquillo by the spaniards due to his constant attacks on the conquistadors. Luquillo is named for him.

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