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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Taino women against all odds crossing borders into Cuba

Bohio will keep you all posted on Cuba trip and Boriken 2007 gathering

."Una nación no es conquistada hasta que los corazones de sus mujeres caigan al suelo. Entonces se termina, por valiente que sean sus guerreros o cuán fuertes sus armas."
"A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground.Then it is finished, no matter how brave its warriors or how strong their weapons."Tsistsistas, Cheyenne

Dear Community,CUBA VIVE!!! As you all know I have been on this amazing journey travesing the United States since the 5th of July, where I have met so many amazing pastors, organizers and community folk from all backgrounds and walks of life. For the past three days I have been in McAllen, Texas with over 150 other Caravanistas repacking the 100 tons of aid we are bringing to Cuba and preparing to break the blockade as we cross into Mexico tomorrow morning, declaring to all that we are traveling to Cuba without a license from the US treasury Department! No policy can keep us from loving our neighbhors!! The aid we are bringing includes medical supplies & educational supplies such as: gloves, medical textbooks, hospital gowns, walkers, wheelchairs, canes, bicycles, school books, pens, pencils and notebooks. I am writing to remind you that tomorrow is the day we will be breaking the blockade and to let you know that as an Interfaith Minister, womyn of color and sister in solidarity with the right to Cuba remaining a free and autonomous nation I have signed up to be on the front line of tomorrow's civil disobedience. This action might lead to an arrest and might lead to police abuse. I am joining a group of priests, pastors, reverends and ministers, including Father Luis Barrios of La Iglesia San Romero and Reverend Lucias Walker of IFCO/Pastor's for Peace; who are standing up and saying YA BASTA (enough is enough). I volunteered because I believe that the US governments blockade is immoral and it is my duty to defend our constitutional right to travel freely and to show the people of Cuba that there is love for them here in the USA. This for me is about doing something that is much larger then myself, it is spirituality and social justice in action and I am humbled to be able to serve my higher power, my fellow Caravanistas and our sisters/brothers of Cuba in this way. Another world is possible and I work actively to make it so! And so it is! Ache!Your prayers and energy for our safe sojourn are most appreciated. Most of all be on the ready to move into action as I and others will be reaching out to you am sure as part of our quick response network. Esperanza Martell will be on one of the buses with the over 25 youth and young adults from NYC

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