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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Prayer Circle Dec 8th 2007

November 25,2007

Relatives the last few weeks have been stressful ones, for our Taino communities. Our people have had to endure the disrespect and countless atrocities afforded to yet another Taino yacimiento, this time in Boriken, tomorrow it may be in Kiskeya or in Cuba.
As is the case so often at these sacred sites the bones of our ancestors are dug up and. sent to labs or are stacked up like rubble until God knows when someone will throw them unceremoniously back into the ground or let them sit in a box on some museum shelf like unused merchandise.
For many of us this is heart breaking and it represents the epidemic of disrespect we have been subjected to as a people…
The inconsideration given to our demands to be allowed to rebury our ancestors with dignity to say the least is heart wrenching.

In Boriken many of our people have confronted the government and power officials responsible for all the actions and events of injustice that violate our rights as indigenous peoples and our rights to spiritual expression.
Spear heading many a protest against these injustices is El Consejo de Tainos Boricanos and El Caney Quinto Mundo.As advocates for our people members of these well known respected Taino communities have disregarded all obstacles and or their personal lives in defense of our sacred sites and cultural heritage.

Many of our people have also participated in standing vigils and prayer at many of these sites, just recently at the new found yacimiento in Ponce under harsh and increment weather.
Due to this, some of our women have fallen ill behind the hectic schedule they have undertaken to ensure our voices of indignation are heard.
One of our women was hospitalized,She is still very sick. Another one of our leaders was bedridden for some time and is now trying to recover.Both women were participating in a vigil as stated above when they got sick.
Such is the love and pain our people feel when a new yacimiento is violated in such a horrendous way. Very often some of our people put at risk their families, their jobs, their own personal freedoms and their own health in defense of our rights as indigenous peoples.
This is because as native people we feel our connections to our ancestors from a perspective far more different and spiritually profound then those who dare to dishonor the resting places of the ancestors.

In a private email sent out to some of you from El Bohio De Atabei a request for prayers for these our warriors, was endorsed.Now we are inviting ALL of you and those of kindred spirit to take part in a prayer circle, for the souls of all the disturbed ancestral graves , for our community and for our struggle as a people.

As Native people all we do or will ever do is grounded in our spirit. All we do and will do must receive the blessing’s of our ancestors. By fusing our energies in a circle of prayer we can send the forces of healing to our communities especially to our people in Boriken taking the point in our quest for justice. We can also invoke the blessings of our ancestral spirits and let them know we will do all we can so they are allowed to rest in peace. Let us pray together united in one heart for each other with love and respect.

Bohio Atabei invites you to attend this prayer circle to be held at casa Atabex Ache.On

Saturday December 8Th ,2007
Casa Atabex Ache-The House of Womyn’s Power
471 E. 140Th Street, (b/w Brook & Willis Avenues)
Bronx, NY10454
Doors open at 12 Noon.Ceremony starts at 1:PM

On this day we will be blessed by our cosmic mother’s love and
energy. We will also be receiving the energy and loving embrace of Tonazin which is celebrated on Dec 12th.

The prayer circle will be led and conducted by Clan mother and respected elder Behike Maria Manatee Robles of Four Directions Ministry. All Behikes and non Taino medicine persons are asked to respectfully contact Guariche Maria Manatee if they wish to participate in the ceremonial process
All attending may if they wish bring their wamos, maracas ( rattles) guajes and drums as well as any sacred offering you wish to the circle.Most of all yourselves with all your beautiful and loving thoughts.

Tobacco ,flowers,Copal,water,sage,sweet grass and incense etc are acceptable offerings.Because we will be in casa Atabex Ache we will be stepping into a sacred space, you will be asked to remove your shoes before the sacred alter and turn off your cell phones.Cigarette smoking is not allowed and of cause no alcohol. We ask the women please wear skirts, Men you will be honored by being allowed into this sacred space of female power, so please wear your best regalia. Let us humble ourselves before the great oneness we all belong to. Let us pray for our people and all of our relatives.

Please note we have been given the honor to conduct this prayer circle at the alter of the female deities of our people. I will ask all of you to respect every sacred corner.Once the ceremony begins doors will be closed until it ends.
We will also all lend a hand in making sure we leave this space clean.
Please arrive on TIME. This is not a meeting of minds to discuss Taino politics or other; this is a gathering of hearts for prayers. This is a gathering where


Bohio Atabei is asking respectfully as well that you bring a modest monetary donation ( not mandatory of cause) for Casa as well as Four Directions.

Last but not least you may also contribute some food.Bohio Of Atabei will bring plates, napkins etc and some refreshments to share after ceremony. Let’s not leave out that you can share your songs and words of love and peace in loving kinship as a fitting close to the day. Hope to see all of you there.

We are honored to sponsor this event. On Behalf Of Bohio Atabei Oma Bahari, Bo Matum to Casa Atabex Ache and Elder Maria Manatee Robles of Four Directions Ministry. Thank You,
We wish to also say BoMatum to Behike Domingo Turey Hernandez for his love and support as well as his encouraging words of wisdom....Elder Yuayaboaru Metzli Naboria Daka

For further information Contact numbers
Bohio Atabei -1-646-309-3722 ,
Four Directions Ministry -1-845=566=3527

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