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Friday, March 7, 2008

You are all great

The Bohio is not a Yukayeke nor is it an organization.The Bohio is a coming together of sisters of kindred spirit who respect and embrace our feminine energy.
With absolutely no disrespect intended because Bohio is
not a Yukayeke and it is not an organization,we have no chiefs Tekinas,Hierarchy Board of Directors or president.
Bohio is a free mind concept
We are Taino women ,mothers, sisters ,daugthers,grandmothers young ,not so young and elders taking time out to
to share our tears and laughter.
The Bohio has no affiliations or loyalties that restrict the soul
Each and every one of you is a beautiful flower in Atabei's garden.
We all have something to learn from each other and we all have something to share.
and so we gather and so we bloom.

Bohio is an idea Bohio is a vision ,
Bohio is sisterhood,
Bohio is forgiveness
Bohio is sharing
Bohio is embracing
Bohio is praying
Boho is Spirit.
Bohio is Heart
Bohio is Music
Bohio is Dance
Bohio is tears
Bohio is laughter
Bohio is Respect
Bohio is wisdom
Bohio is Earth mother
Bohio is the Red Road
Bohio is the Ancestors
Bohio is the future
Bohio is the present
Bohio is the past
Bohio is learning
Bohio is caring
Bohio is Love
Bohio is Love
Bohio is Love
Bohio is Woman
Bohio is each of you
Bohio is you
Bohio is you
Bohio is Taino
is every sister out there
Bohio is you.
Bohio is you
Bohio is you

You are ALL GREAT Yuyaboaru

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