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Monday, April 28, 2008

Spirit Of The Ancestors

Relatives many of you may not be able to visit the UN during the seventh session of the Indigenous peoples Forum, so I thought to share a few photos of art work hanging in the main visitor's hall of the United
Nation's,from the exhibition called Spirit of the Ancestors"
In Celebration of the Adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”. The exhibition which was opened to the public starting April 21 will continue thru May 18, 2008.

Of credit to the following Taino artist Millie Torres Speeg, Reina Miranda, and Agilar Marrero there are several magnificent Taino works of art on display. The photos needless to say will never measure up to their beauty .
None the less I hope they will inspire you if you can to visit the exhibit and or contact the various artists via UCTP or their personal web sites,

I have also included pictures of Elba Anaca Lugo and Grandmother Shashira here for UN seventh session of permanent forum on behalf of El Consejo General de Tainos Borincanos...
Pictures of our beloved grandmother to Bohio Atabei Millie Karaira Gandia Reyes of Yukayeke Guaynia,grandmother Karaira is also UCTP liaison officer and is attending UN Forum on indigenous issues as well.

The picture of a hand made Totem pole which is a truly an interesting work of art, but more then that a spiritual item, The Totem pole was created by relatives who are visually impaired.

There are many fascinating works of art from different indigenous nations on display...shhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell any one but I can’t help feeling the Taino items are among some of the best.

Bo matum to the skillful artistry of these Taino artisans for expressing the reality of our existence in such a beautiful way...

Bo Natum to President of UCTP Kacike Roberto Mucaro Aweibana Borerro of Yukayeke Guaynia who made all this possible.

Lastly I will try and post more pictures of events taking place during the two weeks of the seventh session of UN Indigenous people’s forum.Look also to UCTP news group for information just go to our direct links on this page.

Elder Yuyaboaaru

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