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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cherishing Our Elders

As posted on UCTP Forum ….http://uctp.org

Takahi Guaitiao:

It is my hope that this message finds you all in good health and Spirit.

It was recently announced that our beloved elder Cyril Taylor passed into Coaibai (the Spirit world)... His crossing was indeed a blow to our community within and without of the islands... While we have had him and his family in our prayers, we have also received news of several other community elders who have also made this same journey recently...

With that in our minds and hearts, we wish to acknowledge the passing of Juanita Padilla Guerra Leon. Abuela Juanita along with her sister Nadine were among the first Boricua to settle in Minnesota. She is the Grandmother of Liza O'Reilly, a UCTP Liaison Officer in the State.

We also wish to acknowledge the passing of Victoria Hernandez Arroyo Mother of Maurico Guatuel Hernandez. Guatuel is husband to Naniki Ocasio Reyes...

Most recently, we were informed by Yucayeque Maisiti Kasike Roman Guaraguarix Perez that his family Matriarch, Kasike Malin has also made the journey to Coaibei... She was 106 years old… Services will be held for her in Kiskeya (Dominican Republic).

We are humbly requesting that community members keep these families in their prayers and hearts.

Oma'bahari, Nabori'daka
Kasike Mukaro Agueibana

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