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Friday, August 15, 2008

Full Moon Tap Into The Lite Saturday August 16,2008

Relatives since 2005 the signs leading to 2012 have intensified.The current world situation is an indicator of what lies ahead.Look to the Bear and the Lion for they have joined forces.

For us as native peoples as well as all of humanity this should serve as a warning.
This Saturday August 16,2008 there will be a partial eclipse of full moon.
As many of us know an eclipse signals great changes.and the the change is after the eclipse, not before,
So I urge all of our people to gather in circles of prayers for peace..
Lets send our good thoughts into the universe in the hope they will neutralize the destructive thoughts in the hearts and minds of many a world leaders,
What we send out will come back to us the bigger the circle the stronger the energy of the thought that prevails.
May it be that we can avert the disaster of a third world war.Surly nothing but dark days await all of humanity if this occurs.

Many people are today receiving visions and beings of lite are reaching out to all of mankind....it is important to connect to this energy....look to the signs,stay aware and stay connected for our children,for our future for earth mother and all life upon her....

Lets pray for peace and for right thinking by all who have in their hands the tools of destructive power..
May each and every Yukayeke form a circle of prayer this Saturday for ALL of Humanity.

Moon rising is at 5;16 PM EDT.Note Caribbean might be able to see slightly Penumbra while Moon is rising...but eclipse will not be seen here in the north at all.
Most native communities are having ceremony this weekend so I urge Yukayeke leaders to invite other Tainos and or relatives to your prayer circle if you are having one.For those who cannot get to a circle...Pray from home and join the spiritual circle of intention..

Tap into the lite of wisdom. Love you all....Yuyaboaaru Meztli

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