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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Indigenous Coalition Against Columbus Statue

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Oma bahari Relatives,
Before I proceed to content of this post. I wish to state that on behalf of the women of the Bohio Atabei I hope all of you are relaxed and in good spirits after the long weekend. I also hope you can all join us for a brief moment of prayer at sunrise Monday Sept 1st on behalf of all the people adversely affected by recent severe storms …Pray with us so another Katrina does not happen..May those already affected survive the effects of this natural disaster in a good way.. May it be all these deadly storms are blown away to sea….Bomatum …Now on to post?

In wake of the resurgence of the more then hideous statue of the murderer Columbus In Borike and the possibility of it being erected in Mayaquez Bohio Atabei Taino Women’s circle Has organized and formed a coalition of various native groups and or individuals interested in protesting this monstrosity.
Please be aware that there is also a plan in place for another one of these hideous statues to be erected in Texas Several Native American groups have already responded to the call and will be joining us.We see this as not just a Taino issue but a Native American Indian issue.
We will also be reaching out to non native groups of kindred spirit as Columbus and his henchmen were also responsible for the death of many African people brought to the Americas as slaves.

Serious indeed is the fact that in Borike (AKA:Puerto Rico) they would erect yet another Monument to this Murderer.To add insult to injury the size alone of this worthless hunk of metal is more then super offensive and dangerous. Environmentally disastrous and down right ugly this thing is an eye sore...
This statue will be Borike's Mount Rushmore.
If there was ever any doubt about the colonial mindset of the government of this US owned island/quasi liberal state /reservation the erection of this statue would confirm the fact that Borike (AKA Puerto Rico) is a US colony hook, line and sinking..
It is also more then clear that in no way do the people of this island speak for themselves for clearly all true Boricuas would be opposed to the erection of this atrocious statue...

For ALL Boricuas this is an insult and as Tainos we need to lead the battle against this…Our relatives will be looking to see how we as natives respond to this disrespect.
Now is the time for all those who call themselves Indios Taino…to march as one people alongside other native communities. No less can be expected from the Taino.Now is the time to put your headdress on. This is the time for the mighty Carribbean First Nations to stand together with all of our relatives.

A Follow up to this post is forthcoming with info on Coalition web page and names of groups/individuals already on board.
If you or your group/or as an individual is interested and ready to march with us please contact me via
Email or thru WWW.UCTP.org website or http://BohioAtabei.blogspot.com…. .
Below is a chart that shows the number of monuments etc already erected to this monster.
1st group Italy. Spain and West Indies.
2nd group Latin America, USA, Canada, Rest of Europe, rest of the world.
Guess who has the most?

This table shows the distribution:
Region Number Statues Busts Statues/Busts Plaques Other
Italy 45 16 4 44 % 7 18
Spain 67 16 3 28 % 17 31 1
West Indies 39 18 3 54 % - 18
1st group total 151 50 10 40 % 24 67
Latin America 57 42 4 81 % - 11
USA 158 95 21 73 % 3 40 2
Canada 1 1 - 100 % - -
Rest of Europe 24 16 3 79 % - 5
Rest of World 2 2 - 100 % - -
2nd group total 242 156 28 76 % 3 56
Total 393 3 206 38 52 % 27 105


Film at NMAI...in New York...This film will offer further info on the Columbus question?
Try to attend as it is informative and educational.

FILM & DISCUSSION: The Last Conquistador
Thursday, September 18, 2008, 6 p.m.

The Last Conquistador (2007, 52 min.) US. John J. Valadez and Cristina Ibarra. A co-production of the Independent Television Services (ITVS). A co-presentation of Latino Public Broadcasting, Native American Public Telecommunications and KERA Dall/Fort Worth. John Houser's project of sculpting an immense bronze equestrian statue of Juan de Oñate for the city of El Paso to honor the Hispanic contribution to the building of the American West ignites a controversy; Native Americans remember the Spanish conquistador as one who brought genocide and brutal treatment to their peoples. The documentary charts the transformation of the statue into a representation of unresolved conflicts between race, class, and the historical memories of people in a multicultural society.
Discussion follows with the directors. For more information about P.O.V. visit www.pov.org. This program is a co-presentation with P.O.V./The American Documentary and the American Indian Community House.

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