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Monday, November 17, 2008

Bohio Gathering November 15.2008

~Sisterhood is many things. It's a warn smile on a cold and rainy day, a friendly hug, a cheerful hello... It's all that a good and lasting friendship is, only better. It's treasured. It's sacred. Its dreams shared

The strength of any nation is its women. We are the mothers. The grandmothers and the daughters of Great Caribbean Indigenous nations. The time is now to retrieve what has been taken away.

Ladies the East Coast Bohio Gathering of Saturday November 15.2008
At the sacred bohio of Elder Kolibri
Was a happy happy time for all the women who attended
We met some truly wonderful women as well as made new friends.
It felt really good to be able to feel with our hands the spirit of earth mothers love in the foods we were preparing.
We knew in our hearts our aracoeles were with us in that warm kitchen.
We talked about many things and the conversations were all lively, informative and spiritually motivating.
There were times we laughed so hard we started tearing.

It was for all of us an Honor to have been invited to Elder Kolibris sacred space.
She greeted each and every one us with a warm heart and her beautiful smile.
She made all of us feel more then welcomed and she shared many wonderful stories with us.
BoMatum with much respect Elder Kolibri for your love.
Words alone can not express our Gratitude.
We all look forward to your wisdom as one of the elders of the Bohio of Atabei.

Elder Kolibri
It was also an honor for me to present to the Circle
Our new Tekina, Jeannie Karayanni McDonald.
She will be planning and coordinating
Projects, activities and events that will help to bring our communities together
In an honorable way.
She will also help us extend the bonds of friendship
And understanding with
All our relatives of kindred spirit.
I know all of you will give her all your love, respect and support.
Karayanni is one of the young Taino women
Who will help to move us into the future?
She is a beautiful Kiskeya Taina who embodies the soul of Anacaona
Karayanni lives her culture in all aspects of her life.
She is an active registered member of UCTP
Her husband Jerry McDonald is Mohawk, and shares with Karayanni her love and respect for her Indigenous Cultural heritage
Karayanni has much to give and share with her people.
Embraced by the Grandmothers circle she has the blessings of all of us as she steps into the circle of leadership.
The Bohio is grateful for it has received yet another blessing from the ancestors
In the spirit of Jeannie Karayanni McDonald Taina Kiskeya.


Of honorable mention
are the efforts of the Bohio women to support our Taino communities.
As such
The women of the Bohio generously contributed dozens of items taken from the list
Kacike Guaraguarix sent us.
for the relief drive Yukayeke Maisiti is conducting to help our Caribbean homelands.
We will continue to help as much as we can in this most noble endeavor.

Once again BoMatum Elder Kolibri for allowing us into your Bohio.
To all the ladies who attended BoMatum for sharing from your heart and soul'
The Bohio will be sponsoring many new projects in 2009.
Please contact Tekina Jennie Karayanni for HOW YOU CAN HELP as well as info.
In a separate email you will all very soon receive her contact info and a list of events and project for 2009.

Blessings to all of you
Keep to mind and heart
You are the Daughters of Earth Mother
You gave life to the past, you give life to the present
In your sacred womb
Are the seeds of our future generations

With much love for ALL of you...Elder Yuyabo-aru
PS:I hope to see many of you for Spring gathering 2009.

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