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Thursday, February 26, 2009

We extend our condolences

The women of the Bohio extend our condolences to our
sister, Angie Nanichi Kolibri of Iukaike Guainia and her family, on the passing of her beloved Aunt Bashter Tati Cancel, who is remembered, by all who knew her, as a woman with a friendly and outgoing disposition.

Bashter Tati Cancel arrived in New York City in the late nineteen forties. Tati lived and worked for a short period of time in El Barrio before moving to the Bronx. She worked in the New York City school system as a teacher’s aide before illness forced her into retirement.
She was a single mother and her two sons Angel and Samuel were the light of her life.
Aware of her Indigenous cultural heritage, Titi Tati as she was affectionately called by Nanichi Kolibri rejoined the ancestor in Koabei on Sunday, Feb 22, 2009.

Bashter Tati Cancel’s will be returned to Mother Earth's womb on Friday, Feb 26, 2009 at the family plot in Saint Raymond’s cemetery in the Bronx ,66years and 2 months after her birth.
There she will rest alongside two of her formally deceased sisters. .

The families of Iukaike Guainia living here and in Boriken will host a ceremony according to our traditions for Tati and her family.
Detailed information will be posted on UCTP web site and Bohio Blog..

In lieu of flowers and/or cards, the family kindly requests that you offer a donation in Tati Cancels's name to The UCTP Award/Scholarship Fund sponsored by member groups of the Indigenous Communities of the UCTP.

Grand Central Station.
New York 10163,NY
Karib Elder Cyril Taylor Scholarship Fund.

Oma Bahari and in the spirit of the ancestors.

The women of the Bohio and the families of Iukaike Guainia Boriken.


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