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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Abuelas wisdom.

I received this beautiful and thought provoking response from Abuela Karaira to the question,"Should the Name of Puerto Rico be officiall changed back to it's native name of Boriken?

Ta'kahi Guaitiao!
Daca Abuela Karaira. Daca Taino!

May all be well and in good spirit.

When our Island held its proud and honored name "Boriken", (and by the way I have and will always call it Boriken). Our peoples walked, lived with respect and honor. Our ancestors lived with love in their hearts for all, again with respect and honor. There was pride and much to be proud of, our land was (I say was because of the damage that has been caused) but I believe still can be once more, fertile, rich in metals, rich in soil, when our poorest of people were in better health than any rich person, because were ever a seed was thrown there grow a tree, a fruit, a vegetable. There was much respect and honor when our Island was/is called Boriken.
Once the name of our Island was changed to Porto Rico aka Puerto Rico, much was lost, too much. Identity, our way of life family, respect, honor and pride. Too much was lost.
I know many may think that what is in a name? Well, as an Abuela, Grandmother, Taita, I say a lot! When we are given our names, how does that feel, how does that make us? It is our spirit, it is who we are. So when anyone asks so what's in a name think about it well before you answer. Wether a person wants to be known as a Taino (and proud of it) or Boricua, it is because of Boriken, not Porto Rico aka Puerto Rico. A very wise and loving elder whom I hold so close to my heart, Naniki taught me, when a person says they are Puerto Ricans they are saying they are an entity they are a thing because Puerto Rico or Puerto Rican is a thing an entity and we are not a thing, we are a people, we are Taino Boricuas. Or if you just like a Boricua. Yes, much was lost, too much was lost was this re-naming of our beautiful sacred Island that only best the of the best comes from there. Our honor, pride and most of all our respect. I can tell you that my father, my mother, my grandmothers, grandfathers never did!!! This is why I never have lost what has always and will always be ours BORIKEN!!!
Bo'matum for your time.
In my most humble way
Abuela, Grandmother, Taita Karaira
Daca Taino Boricua
My heart, my love, our sacred land BORIKEN is the blood that runs thru my veins, it is were our ancestors spilled their blood for us to be here today.

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