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Monday, May 10, 2010

Boriken 2010 Peace and Dignity Run

Relatives and friends of Kindred spirit you are invited to participate and/or send a donation to the
Peace and Dignity Run Boriken 2010 on the Road to 2012 being held in Boriken (Puerto Rico) from July 17-25, 2010.

Boriken 2010 is an action of love and respect; it is a spiritual journey that will bring our
 Caribbean Indigenous nations into the fold of the Indigenous Nations of Abya Yala already part of the Peace and Dignity Journey. To learn more about the Peace and Dignity Journeys, visit http://www.peaceanddignityjourneys.com/

The journey is part of the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor… The prophecy mandates that at this time all Indigenous Peoples in the Western Hemisphere shall be reunited in a spiritual way in order to heal our nations so we can begin to work towards a better future for our children and generations to come. Through the Journey participant runners and supporters work to accomplish this goal by 

·         reconnecting with their respective spiritual practices and traditions; 

·         relearning our role in the world as Indigenous Peoples; and 

·         reminding each other of our responsibilities to Mother Earth, Father Sky, our communities, and ourselves.
In the Boriken 2010 run, the spirit of the Hawk (Guaraguao) joins the circle and the running staffs we carry will represent the prayers, hopes and dreams of our people. The circle is not complete without us as we were the first Indigenous nation to suffer in the greatest holocaust in history—a holocaust that took the lives of millions ofindigenous peoples of Abya Yala.

This is the first Peace and Dignity run in Boriken.
 Our people will run from all four directions of the Island to the center. Runners from other native nations will join us. We will introduce our staffs into the circle and these staffs will be carried in the Peace and Dignity journey of Abya Yala in 2012.

From each corner of our Island homeland, warriors will run to the center
stopping to pray at sacred sites along the way. There will be a calling down of the ancestral spirits, a calling out to the Boa, the Manatee, the Coquis, the Kareythe Tanamas, the Kolibri, the Guaraguau, the iguana, and every single animal and/or insect totem of our people.

From the East, West
, North, South, we will meet at the centerthe heart of our island nationour Nacan.
We will enter the
 sacred grounds of our people, the grounds where the ancestor sleep. There our elders and our medicine people will be waiting for us, along with the elders and medicine people of other relative nations.There we will pray for Earth Mother’s well being. We will pray for our beloved homelands, all native nations, earth mother, and all life upon her.

ough the centuries of conquest as indigenous peoples, we have suffered much. We have lost a lot and we have learned muchyet here we are over 500 years later standing strong as native nations and still having to fight back.

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