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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Peace and Dignity Run in Borikén

Takaji friends and family,

I just returned from Boriken and the Peace and Dignity Run

And what an amazing spiritual experience it was…

From the moment the sacred staffs arrived in Boriken to every footstep we took we felt the spirit of the ancestors with us.

Now the circle of the Indigenous nations of Abya Yala is complete. Our spirits once more connected to all the abuelos.

We sent our prayers into the heart of earth mother, we sang we laughed we cried and we felt the embrace of the ancestors.

Earth mother danced with us and our voices were carried in the wind to all the four directions of our tiny homeland…new friends were made and old friends reunited. Words alone cannot express the force of spirit that guided us.
As this was a spiritual event it was not opened to public and we tried as much as possible to make sure of that, we did however run into people who were visiting some of the sacred sites we stopped at to pray as that was unavoidable’…it is our hope they heard the message of our spirits and they carry it with them where ever they go.

On the first day we prayed in El Yunke (East) then we went to
 Tibes and Jacanas (South),then to Mayaguez and sacred site there (West)
And on to (North)Vega Baja and on to Jayuya,where we pray at grave of ancestor and we also laid the foundation stones for a new Batey…a first for our people in over 500 years…The four sacred elements were also honored. Note we made a complete circle around the Island

On the last day of the journey we went to Caguana where we were blessed by the spirit of the Hawk when one flew into the circle early that morning, there are no words to describe how all of us felt. On this last day it was also good to know that others of our people were praying and celebrating El dia del Indio as well…it felt good to know Tainos were across Boriken honoring our ancestors and our cultural heritage…so to all of our Taino relatives and other native relatives I say Oma bahari Bomatum

Boriken 2010 in fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor... The Guaraguao (Caribbean Hawk) rises to take its place among the nations of Abya Yala.
The Guaraguao staff representing our people is now part of sacred bundle of staffs that will be carried by Peace and Dignity Runners on this journey…Jan jan Katu

The pain and suffering began with us...
And now with us the process of healing truly can begin... for me it was an honor to be allowed to participate in this historic event.

Now many of you were not able to attend physically but I know you were there in spirit
I thank each and every one of you for your prayers good thoughts, help and support.
El Taino Vive!!! And our family is growing with Tainos who truly walk in the footsteps of the ancestors, Tainos who pray, honor and respect our spiritual ways as our ancestors did before our lives were turned upside down by the religious and colonial doctrines of the conquest.

Abrazos and love to all of you,


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