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Sunday, October 3, 2010

RE Flu nasal spray and Flu shot

Familia many of you will be taking Flu shots this season...Well now did you know that the nasal flu spray contains a live versus as opposed to the Flu shot...What does that mean it means the live virus goes directly into your nasal cavity and into tissue...much more dangerous for you and your children.

Always choose the shot and always ask for the PRESERVATIVE FREE VERSION!
Do not let your little ones take the nasal spray...Note government is not reporting how many children are getting sick with severe cases of brain inflammation nor are we being told of all the children that are dying from the live virus nasal spray....

Love you all mi gente Take care of yourselves...Remember we are still being given contaminated blankets...Only this time they are in vials...Research,investigate always question so you can make informed decisions about your health and that of our children...Especially since laws are being put in place to try and force us into taking vaccines and medicines that can kill us or make us sick ...Remember the pharmaceutical are corporation out to make money...Sick people translates into PROFITS especially sick children...because we will do anything for our kids..


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