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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Celebrate and Honor Your Female Energy

There will be no nations without its women. Come join the circle together we can make a difference. Next Bohio NY circle will be Saturday, Feb 26, 2011...All native female prayer circle. Bring your songs your dance your words and your spirit to a circle of sisters. This circle will be for all Taino women and Indigenous native sisters of kindred spirit may join us as well. The circle will gather at 2805 University Ave, Suite B (corner of 197 Street, one block from Lehman College Bronx NY)Time 12-3PM

Weather permitting we will hold ceremony in circle overlooking reservoir. (Note: we have indoor option as well) The location was once a native village before they were forced out by the Dutch. Arrowheads and other artifacts are still found in the grounds.

That is just a little about the history of this place... :) there is much more...so join us, celebrate and honor your female energy.

With this post I have also included Full Moon dates (Gregorian calendar) for 2011, and I have added some heads up on a few events using those dates. I will add more details later.Please go to event page for info on the calandar for 2011.

Ok hope to see many of you soon.
Stay connected with your spirit, think native, walk in balance...

Abrazos, Inaru

*Note we ask that our native spirituality be respected as such no videos, recording or pictures are allowed in our ceremonies without permission from Bohio elders. In addition, once a prayer circle is opened full respect must be given to all contents of our ceremonies.No disrespect towards anyone will be tolerated Many of our people consider sacred the items they wear or bring to the circle, therefore, please do not touch items considered sacred, ask first As well, no items placed in center of sacred circle are to be picked up or handled by anyone without permission of person conducting the ceremony before during or after the circle closes.

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Lynn Sweeting said...

bright blessings from the Bahamas. i am editor of the womanspeak journal, a tiny but growing journal of fine literature and art by Caribbean women. I am seeking poetry, fiction, myth and lore, art and photographs by Caribbean women (and women of caribbean descent, and women whose work is caribbean focused,) for the oct 2011 issue. the theme for this issue is: "Women Writing to Heal the Earth." I am especially seeking work by Amerindian women of the Caribbean, who have much to teach us about how to live in harmony with our Mother Earth. please extend this invitation to your community, tell them we look forward to hearing their voices. please send all submissions to lynnsweeting@gmail.com.
many thanks,
Lynn Sweeting