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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Full Moon Message from Koaiku

Dear Sisters of my heart...as we embrace the light of our beloved Maroia...Full Moon and take in all it's healing rays that brings us back into that needful female balance to our true core value...we remember the many tender, beautiful, powerful, feisty, mighty warriors, humble female spirits and caretakers of all that once lived and thrived in our Universe...all the woman that existed before our time...let us take a deep journey ...go deeper within...find that cave of lost and forgotten women of our past...as we allow our spiritual eyes to open and our minds to stop...analyzing and only feel...feel the bare footed woman walking in the wet soil...sweet smelling grass the sounds of the children running free and happy...the sound of the baby nursing in our breast...the gushing of the milk and the warm loving feeling of being a life provider...a Co Creator...in possession of healing hands that nurture and a voice that scares away all fears and makes everything right...

Remember when a wild animal came near our young..we did not think twice as we grabbed a stick to beat and scare the beast away from our young and said..its all right Bibi is here...momma is here...no one knew momma was bleeding from a fatal wound...yet her love is so undying and true...in us...she and everyone of them...refuses to die off...

We reclaim those spirits that lived to teach us that as woman no one is greater or smaller than the other...we are each mighty and strong...we carry the strength of an undying nation of women who knew...they did not believe...they knew they will triumph over fear...and survive colonization in all its variations...

...they knew there was a better way...so we as women take back our power collectively now...join hands and summoned all those undying spirits of the women who are connected to our DNA and we proclaim our beauty, our grace, our nurturing and healing ways...we feel the internal fire warming up our entire being...we are now pure light...our hands feel as they are becoming flaming red...we awaken our healing hands...we awaken our healing heart...we heal ourselves through out this process and reclaim the healer that has been dormant within us...left forgotten and lost when our nation was scattered and contaminated...we now use the healing power of Maroia to heal all that was out of balance...we give direct permission for this healing to occur...in that sacred cave healing waters run freely...we bathe in that healing water...we see orselves as clear as Crystal...we offer sacred sweet smoke pleasing to our cemies of the heart...we honor all our relations including our inner cemi...we embrace each other and see ourselves embracing and saying see you later to our ancestral female spirits...those women who have joined us spiritually and now return...gently return and feel the courage...the value and magnificence of what being a female spirit means to each of us individually an collectively...armed with that sacred truth...cast those seeds of love, unity, prayers of peace, protection and dignity to all that is female spirit now by bringing our hands together in cup shape and blow out to the universe as you cast out seeds of love...to allow those good intentions and prayers to create, create, create our present blessed state of being as free & mighty strong women of our time and times past...united for the sake of healing and survival of our people...Jan Jan"Katu

Bo"Matum to all female spirits and male spirits from the fire, tobacco, all sacred smoke that has assisted in this sacred process...
Bo"Matum Atabei, Bo" Matum Yocahu Busica Areyto...Bo"Matum Maroia

Bo Guatukan to all my relations
Seneko Kakona

Your humble & joyful Guaribo Koai"Ku

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