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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Karayabe Karey Bematimanli 15,2011

Bibi Maroya’s Cosmic Turtle Full Moon:

Beautiful daughters of Atabei There are two messages in this post, one from Abuela Karaira and one from meJ ….

Full Moon: NEW YORK = Friday * 15th July 2011 * 02:39:36 am (EDT)
LOS ANGELES = Thursday * 14th July 2011 * 11:39:36 pm (PDT)

Turtle is one of the oldest sacred symbols for our people. She represents the eternal Mother from which our lives evolve. In this the 13th cycle of Bibi Maroya she reminds us in her Turtle full moon to be mindful of the cycle of give and take, to give back to the Mother as she has given to us. For Earth Mother understands the grateful Heart

Turtle Moon teaches us, how to protect ourselves our people and our homes as well. If you are bothered by the actions or words of others, it may be time to go inside yourself and honor your feelings. If you feel you are being attacked, it may be time to give a warning snap and to proceed slowly using wisdom with our actions.

We also learn from Turtle to honor with respect the creative force within ourselves as daughters of earth mother, to be grounded, and to observe all situations with motherly compassion. Both Bibi Maroya and Bibi Atabei represent the energy of Turtle’s two homes earth and water, both work harmoniously to help us in the circles of our lives.

So ladies where ever you are. For just a few minutes lets connect spiritually as sisters for the survival of our people depends on us and we must be grounded so we can walk and work in harmony with each other ! …Let us as well seek the unobstructed view and look ahead so we know what we are doing with greater vision both physically and spiritually for ourselves and our communities.

Let us not forget that the strength and courage of a nation is fueled by the strength and courage of its women…May the lite of Bibi Maroya’s Full Moon help us always to find our way.
Abrazotes Ina…Love you one and all

***Now on to Abeula Karaira's message
Ta'kahi our strong noble
Guaribo women:
it is my hope as always
that all are well and in good spirit.
My thoughts to share
with all of you for our Full Moon this year 2011 month of July.

I often speak of respect
and honor, for our Creator, our ancestors and all things?
So it is when we honor
our way of living, we must respect and honor our ways, it is not only while we
are in ceremony, in a gathering circle or before guatu (sacred fire), but always.
We should respect our elders, grandmothers and leaders even
when we may at times not agree with them, we should always honor them, for what
they have lived, and for what they have
contributed thru the years for the people.
We must not forget what many of them have done for our
communities, had it not been for our elders,
grandmothers, grandfathers and leaders, many of us if not all, would not be
able to come forth now and stand strong to say "I am Taino"
It is because of them we are able to go forth today and be known as a people. It is because of
heir unselfish and tireless work, that we stand today with
respect and honor before all as proud Tainos
Some of our elders
continue to be active some in a more quiet manner as time also calls upon them
to rest So I say how is it that because they now must rest, but continue in a
more quite manner, and some seem to never stop working …In any case we just don’t forget them
 Do we forget

our ancestors that gave their lives and suffered for us to be here today? And we
can not forget the ones that are still walking here with us? Those who
have not crossed to Koaibei, those who are still here.

To respect and honor our
ways, is to not forget those , that have given and continue to give in so many
ways some in ways not even known to many, because
they neither seek nor wish for "fame and glory", and do not need to
have egos, to do good and give to all our people.

Our Elders are not

wasteful matter that we can just wipe
away and discard? This is not the way of our people. Our elders,
grandmothers, grandfathers and leaders
are what respect and honor is about. Without respect and honor we have nothing, nothing. Without our elders we are nothing!

So I ask, do you know
how our grandmothers, grandfathers, and elders are? When was the last time
you contacted them, besides just needing, council, or someone
to help with your children, spouses, jobs, friends, or when you have not been able to sleep or
are dealing with whatever issues you may have .When was the last time you just
called them to say "How are
you, Bibi, Aracoel,Abuela?

Our ancestors, our
elders, grandmothers and grandfathers are the reason we are here today,
so when we say, "We respect and honor" think about this. Respect and honor is 24/7, it
is not just for the hour of ceremony, areyto or when we are before the guatu.
Respect and honor is always.
Lastly if we as Tainos respect
and honor other indigenous elders from other native nations, we must do
the same for OURS?
No one is perfect,
we are all human beings, we make mistakes, we say things that are many times
mistaken, if you cut us we bleed like anyone else,
but many have given
their lives for all of us in so many
Do you remember your
Bibi, your Aracoel? Do you just love as a measure of speech? Do you care when you see one of OUR Bibis
or Aracoel by chance? Ask yourself these questions? Next time you think about the elders.

I can tell you that this
Bibi remembers you all; I can tell you this Bibi loves you always, not just for
a few minutes or an hour. We/ I are still here respect and honor
as I do all of you,
while we/I am here so that when we journey into Koaibei, our hearts and spirits
are filled with the joy of knowing that our people, respect and honor our ways,
and that our work is appreciated and loved.

 different ways, but I can assure you
sacrifices have been made and without thinking about it twice.

With respect and honor for our spirituality, our people and our way of life as Taino in every sense of
who we are.
May grandmother Maroya
always shine upon our spirit, fill our hearts with happiness, love and guidance
in respect and honor of the true Taino way.
 With much love in my heart and spirit,Oma'bahari
 Tio Bo Guatukan Bibi Karaira

From: Mildred Gandia-Ziegelasch <mgandiaziegelasc@aol.com>

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