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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Moon Karayabe Bematimanli 30,2011

Takaji Beautiful Daughters of Atabei!
The time is near for the New Moon and it is the first Cycle of Bibi Maroyas journey of 13.  J  In essence, it is the beginning of a new lunar year.  How beautiful is that?
And what is this New Moon called?  It is known as the Bat Moon and it will be a Bat Moon in each of its phases until the next new Moon.  Then Bibi Maroya will change her halo of light to put on another one of her 13 headdresses; all, so we may never forget the teachings she brings us with each new cycle.
It is fitting that her first cycle is that of the Bat for like the Bat we need to use our ears to listen more.  Note the Bat’s extra sensory hearing, guides it out of the darkness.  A bat does not see with her eyes.  She hears, she listens and thus she sees.  So listen and hear beyond your soul.  Dig deep and let your female INTUITION help you to become who you want to be.  Bats hang upside down in the dark and quiet stillness of their caves waiting for their time to emerge out into the world, taking in a new journey every night.  Be like the Bat and guide yourself always out of the darkness using your female energy, wisdom and INTUITION.
Recall when you were in your mother’s womb…in that quiet stillness.  While there, in preparation for your birth, you turned and suspended yourself upside down waiting to emerge and begin your journey!
So step out of whatever darkness you find yourself in and know that you can be reborn with each new journey you take in life.  Emerge like our ancestors did out of the cave of Cacibajaguar remember their journeys and remember to listen.  Listen well as you move along the way. Hear the voice of earth mother in every living thing and you will find the wisdom each sound you hear will bring.Listen and you will see clearly the road ahead.

So Ladies, wherever you are, whether near or far away, for a few minutes let’s all connect spiritually on Saturday July 30th, 2011 at 13:39 EST (1:39 PM).  Wherever you are, listen just listen.  Hear the heartbeats of all your sisters.  Smile.  Pray.  Sing.  Dance.  And cry if you have to, embrace the sounds of life. 

Let us all emerge like Bats to spread the seeds of our good thoughts and use them to pollinate the circles of our lives.  Let what emerges from our hearts and souls be the wisdom of right action as well as the needed love and understanding we should have towards each other as sisters and for others as the daughters of Atabei.  Our people’s survival depends on us and the strength and courage of a nation is fueled by the strength and courage of its women.  So let’s fertilize the soil of our environment and use our female intuition well. 
May the wisdom of Bibi Maroya’s Bat Moon help you always find your way.  Abrazotes! 
Love you one and all:) Thank you for being in my life:)

Ina J

P.S.  If any of you care to join me physically on July 30th, you will find me in Inwood Park playing my drum at 1:39 PM I will celebrate the energy of Bibi Maroyas hoping,and singing my prayers.May all of you feel like you are starting anew again, a fresh start, a new beginning....LETS ROCK THE PLANET LADIES:)

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Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. i am real ignorant but imma pass your site to others. b blessed. btw, ray is my buddy from back in the day. nelson rodriguez. so is raul. smiles.