We Are The Daughters of Mother Earth,the Yuka and the Ze
mi.Blessed by Grandfather Wei (Sun ) to from the womb of Atabei be born.
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dance Mujeres

Mujeres dance ,dance for earth mother, for life for family for our people, for each other 
Dance mujeres dance.:) 
Dance my sisters, dance for peace dance for healing, dance for the tears and dance with the joy.

Dance for the grandmothers who live on the moon, dance for the rivers the oceans, and all of the waterfalls inside your soul.
Dance Mujeres dance In the Bohios of your mind looking thru windows of ancestral time. 
Walking in hallways filled with the memories , of a zillions stars.
Dance daughters of  earth mother daughters of wisdom.
Daughters of lite.
Dance in the circles of your twirling skirts and let them form rainbows inside your heart.

Dance hermanas dance for you are the rhythm of the universe, the cosmic mother of all life 
Dance mujeres dance for you are Creation, 
Yokahu was born of you.
Born of you ,Born of you.Born of you is Yokahu.


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