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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our People at United Nations 13th Session Indigenous Peoples Forum 12-23 May 2014

Arriving to New York city this week are delegates representing various Indigenous communities world wide.
The delegates are here to take part in the 13th
United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.Among these delegates and following in the footsteps of previous representatives from our Caribbean Indigenous region  is Tai  Pelli .

Tai is a tribal member of Iukaieke Guainia a native Taino community from Borike (Puerto Rico) .
She is also a 
liaison officer of The United Confederation of Taino peoples.Tai brings to the table a wealth of experience as an advocate for Women’s rights and the protection of children from mistreatment and sexual abuse.
She is well versed in the skills of negotiating as evidence by her excellent work with the UCTP. 
As an advocate for our community, she has exceeded in addressing the many challenges our people face as Indigenous Caribbean Nations.
We know she will represent our Caribbean region with the respect and honor that is grounded in our spiritual and cultural ways.
Tai also has the excellent ability to work collectively with others for and on behalf of all of our people.

Our Tai far right with other Indigenous delegates 

With  Tai will be Chief Roberto Mukaro Borerro president of UCTP and long time activist  for our communities.Tai and Chief Mukaro will both be working with Tribal  Link Foundation's Project Access training program prior to forum.
They then will be joined by other reps from member 
organizations of UCTP  that will be taking part in 13th session of United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Following in the footsteps of our ancestors Bohio Atabei is honored to state we will attend as we have done now for several years .

Bomatum to all our REPS this  year 2014 and Bomatum to all of our REPS from previous years for all they have done and continue to do for all of our people from the Indigenous First Nations of The Caribbean. 
Sending them all many Blessings and may they all be embraced by the spirits of the Ancestors so the voices of our people will be respected and heard.
Tai and Muk Seneko kakona and thank you for taking the lead :) From this circle Abrazos.


Paul Navarro said...

Can the general public go? I'm interested in going.

Taino Women's Bohio de Atabex said...

This link will tell you how and if you can as there are certain criteria and one must pre-register.