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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ata Marohuya's Areito da Turey August 10th ,2014 Grandmother Moon's Dance in the Sky

 ladies :)

May all of you find yourselves well and with joyful hearts and spirits?

As some of you know there is a super full moon (a term coined by astrologer Richard Noelle) this Sunday, August 10, 2014. This the second of three for this year—the next one will be on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. However, this full moon will be the closest to us as it will be only 221,765 miles from Earth.

On this date Grandmother Moon, or Bibi or 
Ata Marohuya as we the Taino people call her, will be at her fullest. She will arrive at 2:10 PM EDT. She will rise in her full luminous beauty in the East 15 minutes before Arokoel Boinael (Grandfather Sun) sets and the Mukaro takes flight.

It is this way because at this time her center will be perfectly aligned with Grandfather Sun and Earth Mother's center So you can imagine what a beautiful celestial dance this will be :) because we also will have the prolific Perseids meteor shower filling the night sky with as many as 80 shooting stars an hour. 

Now it is said by
 scientists that the typical effects of the grandmother Moon energies at this time are minor. They say she can cause some small ebbs and flow to the waters and there may be a small increase in tectonic activity, but hey nothing to concern ourselves with—:)

How ever we as Native people, especially our women, know better Why.? Because our people have been watching Grandmother Moon for thousands upon thousands of years, we have watched the dancing of the celestial stars and we have learned their movements and effects on Earth Mother. More importantly, we have learned of their effects on us way before the telescope was even thought of.

So with that thought in mind, I will go with what the ancestors have passed on. We know that Earth Mother is going through a purification ritual at this time. And the full moon of August 10th is far stronger than many care to see or try to understand. We know this because we are aware that the Areito of purification which began in 2012 is intensifying. We know that the spirit of Atabei and the spirit of Guabancex are also helping in this process of intense earth changes.

 We also know that this cycle will continue and at times it will seem harsh, yet it will continue until all humanity becomes aware that we also must be purged.

We must be purged of all destructive thoughts and actions from our mindset. A mindset that has caused so much damage to all forms of life on this planet. A mindset that has created man's lack of compassion for each other. A mindset that places greed above sharing, hate above love, and war above peace.

We know this since it was foretold by the ancestors the very moment in which we were killed by those akani's
( strangers)  who sought the fountain of youth and the rivers of gold their twisted hearts were seeking.
We knew this the moment blankets filled with deadly viruses were given to our people to kill them all off.
We knew this when religious doctrines were used to justify the savage enslavement of other human beings and the ongoing genocide of the beautiful indigenous children of
 Earth Mother.
We know this because these memories are written in our souls and today we see that the flow of this dark energy is encircling the very life of
 Earth Mother and the universe.

We feel it in our hearts this chaos and havoc, and at times despair. Yet Bibi Marohuya in all her beauty continues to gift us with her presence and her energy—reflecting from her core the light of  Arokoel Boinael (Grandfather Sun) and wearing her crown of stars she lights up the darkness of
 Turey (the sky).

She once again as she has done for millennia invites us to understand that  change will happen and we need to accept that even when it appears as distress change can be positive. So instead of running away from it, or closing our hearts and being fearful of it, we can embrace it in a good way wherever it is needed.
 With this  understanding we can join in the Areito of purification and move into the conscious awareness of the   wisdom we need. In that awareness, we will know that we must put a stop to the destructive patterns that have caused so much harm to all life on this planet. 
For truth be told, mankind kind is the only life form that must be consistently reminded of this and Bibi Marohuya does just that time and time again.Less we forget and sadly are swept away into the abyss of non-existence by the very force that created us to begin with. 
As such Bohio Atabei invites all of you to join us in a moment of meditation starting at 2:00 PM EDT for 30 minutes or until right before moonrise or for as long as you can to join the energy of our spirits as women because we have been blessed with the same energy cycle and force of Grandmother Moon.

Let us for a moment, reflect on the necessary changes we need in our lives no matter how painful those changes may seem.

We ask that you join as sister souls and send positive healing words in song and prayer out into the wind. So the spirit of Guabanex will carry those thoughts gently into the purging cycle it is in. We ask that you sing beautiful words into the heart of Itikuhubaba, the spirit of the bleeding mother, so she can feel the love of her daughters for her. May she know that we as native women will never stop protecting her. We ask that she keeps all of her children in her heart when she shakes herself of all negativity we ask that she be gentle in the process and we say Bomatum Sacred mother.

We ask that you call out to the spirit of the waters, Bibi Atabei, so she flows quietly on her journey of washing away all traces of human imposed contamination and that she is kind to all who live in her pathJ and depend on her for life and we say Bomatum sacred mother

We also ask that you not forget to say Bomatum Grandmother, Bibi ,Ata Marohuya for your presence for she teaches us with her cycle that we can discard all useless and destructive mindsets. That we can have an ongoing renewal and purification, and that we can love, share, and give from our hearts so peace and harmony prevail.

So with this Full Moon take the time to look to the skies as Bibi Marohuya once again reminds you that as women we also have the privilege of being  part of this beautiful purifying cycle.
Thus  giving  us the opportunity  during each cycle to help humanity move into the conscious awareness of needed positive changes for the good of all life on earth and beyond our horizon.

Lastly ,we say Bomatum to  our Orokoti ,Grandfather Sun for using the fire of his life to embrace us all. May we remember that thoughts are things—they are forms of energy in movement.
As such incorporate positive thoughts into actions  in your every day with love, respect courage and wisdom. Stand up without fear for a just and kind world so others may see and learn from you to use the energy of mind in a good way.

To all of our people we say Become part of the Areito of purification and change.
May the glow of your beautiful souls give light to the world in the same way as Bibi Marohuya does
 and has done for millions of years. 

Think Native walk in BalanceSeneko kakona Bibi Inaru.

Note: For those of you close by on Sunday, August 10, 2014 weather permitting some of us will be in Inwood Park 218 Street near Bway. ...by the water close to nature center in meditationFrom 1:45 PM until 4:45
Join me if you like.
In any case take a moment where ever you may be and connect your spirit to the energy of  grandmother Moon and the stars....Have a Beautiful weekend.


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