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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Marohuya's Super Full Moon - Sep. 8, 2014

Takahi Familia, 

Hoping and praying that all of you find yourselves in good health and good spirit.

As many of you know, there will be a super full moon this Monday night, September 8, 2014 (or Tuesday, September 9, 2014 depending on where you live).  This will be the last of three super full moons for this year.  This full moon will also be a perigee full moon (the word perigee describes the moon's closest point to the Earth for a given month).  At perigee, the moon will only be approximately 222,691 miles from the Earth. 

Grandmother Moon, or Ata or Bibi Marohuya as we the Taíno call her, will be at her fullest on Monday evening, September 8th, at 9:38 PM EDT for those of you in Borikén and on the East coast (Tuesday, September 9th, at 1:38 UTC). 

It should be noted that this September will be a sky watcher's delight as the third super moon of this year, along with Mars, Saturn, and some of the evening's brightest stars, will be visible in the sky during this month. 

Traditionally speaking, our beautiful and luminous Grandmother Moon, Bibi Marohuya, represents the feminine, the emotional and nurturing aspects in our lives.  She radiates her energy to us in the most amazing cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, just like the tides of our oceans, constant, rhythmic and soothing.  Many cultures and people, including the Taíno, follow the cycles of the moon for planting crops and harvesting, and even for determining when they get their hair cut.  :)  

The full moon, in particular, signals a time each month when we are able to take a clear look at what is happening in our lives so we can decide if we need to make changes.  Of course, culturally, historically and spiritually speaking, the Full Moon has additional meanings that change from month to month throughout the year.

For instance, this month's full moon is the Full Corn Moon, as well as the Harvest Moon.  The name Full Corn Moon is attributed to the Native Americans because it marked the time when corn is supposed to be harvested.  The name Harvest Moon traditionally goes to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox.  The Harvest Moon usually falls in September but also falls in October once or twice a decade.  This year, however, the September full moon will actually be a Harvest Moon.  Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice are some of the Native Indigenous staple foods now ready for gathering.  At the peak of harvest, farmers can work late into the night by the light of this moon.  Usually the full moon rises an average of 50 minutes later each night, but for the few nights around the Harvest Moon, the moon seems to rise at nearly the same time each night: just 25 to 30 minutes later across the U.S., and only 10 to 20 minutes later for much of Canada and Europe.  

The Harvest Moon is also the most powerful full moon of the creative year, and the spiritual harvest parallels the agricultural harvest.  This is the time to gather the fruits of the field.  We harvest our inner field via meditation and loving remembrance through the arts, in writing, dance, music and other forms of energy in movement that help separate our harvest from the old husks we need to let go.   At this time we are all given now what we need to fulfill our true purpose in bringing balance back to a world ravaged by imbalance. 

This full moon will be a good time to clean and clear up the issues of life.  A ritual for healing old wounds, emotional and physical, and forgiving others and yourself... a "letting go" time.  We are harvesting the abundance of our soul and our growth, so it's time to get rid of that old stuff and make room for the new balanced and enlightened you! 

During a full moon we may become highly detached and focused, and we may be concerned about humanity and helping others.  Balance, emotional bonds, comfort, healing, and assisting those less fortunate than ourselves are the main themes of this full moon.  There will also be tendencies to meditate in a quiet place and heal internal pain and sacrifice for the sake of humanity. 

The gravitational pull between the moon, earth, and the sun often causes pressure for us.  It also causes our bodies to go out of sync and brings high tides in the oceans.  This full moon will greatly impact almost everyone.  There is no doubt that this energy will bring more psychic and spiritual abilities and we may be more prone, or sensitive, to our environment and with others.  Everything will seem more translucent under the light the full moon.  This may impact our egos, causing them to be exaggerated, mostly having to do with our personal relationships with others.  Our sleep will definitely be disturbed and often spiritual moons such as this one can cause our conscience mind to connect even more with the universal energies.  

During this full moon we should be very careful to avoid the overindulgence, obsession, greed and selfishness so prevalent in the world today.  While this full moon represents spirituality and intuition, we can also fall victim to excessiveness and the materialism which is destroying our world.  We should focus instead on being thoughtful, creative, and compassionate.  Let us be thoughtful to everyone as every person will be going through a change.  This change is an absolute necessity as we are almost 30 days away from the Lunar and Solar Eclipse. 

This full moon will be a powerfully healing moon, but it may come with exceptionally heightened sensitivity for a couple of days before and after so we should make sure to take some time out and avoid stressful environments and activities if possible. 

There is enormous healing power to "download" with this full moon but, as the healing brings us back to a state of wholeness, the previous imbalances may become particularly evident for a while.  It may be useful to remember that energy is simply energy, neither good nor bad, just neutral, so whatever ails us can be transformed into something that heals us if we let it.  If, however, we identify too strongly with the pain and distress we solidify it and create energetic structures which are far tougher to transform and shift. 

This full moon speaks of healing needed due to our previous avoidance of difficult emotions.  The imbalances she seeks to correct are those created by denial.  Bibi Marohuya asks us to feel fully whatever arises now, no matter how much we believe doing so will overwhelm us because it won’t.  By allowing the feelings to be felt fully and without judgment we are inviting healing into our lives and allowing our energy to rebalance and realign. 

As we know Atabei, our Mother Earth, is going through a purification at this time and this September's full moon will be far stronger than many realize.  We know this because we are aware that the purification which began in 2012 is intensifying.  We know that the spirit of Atabei and spirit of Guabancex are also helping in this process of powerful earth changes. 

For these reasons and more, Bohio Atabei invites all of you to join us in a moment of meditation on Monday, September 8, starting at 9:00 PM EST for 30 minutes or for as long as you can to join the energy of our spirits as women because we have been blessed with the same energy cycle and force of Grandmother Moon.  Remember that we, as women, are the manifestation of the rhythm of the universe. 

Let us for a moment give thanks and reflect on the necessary changes we need in our lives no matter how painful those changes may seem.  Join with us in sending out positive healing words, thoughts and energy through song, dance and prayer, out to the four directions, into the wind, through the waters, from land to land, and from fire to fire, to the Spirit World and beyond, and into our very souls.  

Let us call out to the spirit of Mother Earth and the Waters, Bibi Atabei.  May she be kind to all who live in upon her and depend on her for life.  Let us say Bomatum Hahom Sacred Mother for all that she gives us and for protecting the very balance of life. 

Also let us not forget to say Bomatum Hahom to Grandmother Moon, Bibi Marohuya, for her presence as she teaches us again through her cycle how we can shed useless and harmful mindsets and change for the better through an ongoing cycle of renewal and purification so we can love, share, and give from our hearts so that peace, balance and harmony can prevail. 

Let us all take the time during this full moon to look up to the skies as Bibi Marohuya once again reminds us that we, as women, have the honor and privilege of being part of this beautiful purifying cycle. 
We all have the opportunity during each cycle to help humanity move into conscious awareness of the positive changes necessary for the good of all life on earth and beyond. 

Finally, let us say Bomatum Hahom to Grandfather Sun for pouring his light, warmth and life on us all.  Let us all remember that thoughts have energy and power and lead to action and creation.  Therefore, incorporate positive thoughts into positive actions every day with love, respect, courage and wisdom.  Stand up with courage and without fear for a just and kind world so others may see and learn from you to use the energy of the mind in a good way with each light lighting another. 

We invite you all to become part of the areito of purification, healing, change and balance.  And may the spirit shine from your hearts always and may the glow of your beautiful souls give light to the world as Bibi Marohuya continues to do and has done for millions of years, unconditionally pouring her loving, healing, purifying light on all.  

In the Spirit of Love, Light, Balance and Healing, may YaYa and the Ancestors Bless and Guide us all, now and always... 

Love, Hugs, Peace & Blessings,
Seneko Kakona,
Bibi Aya & Family

Remember Familia, wherever you may be, connect your Spirit to the energy of  Grandmother Moon and the stars... and have a Beautiful Night...   
Seneko Kakona...  ♥♥♥

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