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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Marohuya's Full Hunter's Moon, "Blood Moon", and Lunar Eclipse - Oct. 8, 2014

Takahi Familia,

Hoping and praying that all of you find yourselves in good health and good spirit. 

As many of you know, Grandmother Moon, or Ata or Bibi Marohuya as we the Taíno call her, will be at her fullest on Wednesday morning, October 8th, at 6:51 PM EDT for those of you in Borikén and on the East coast (10:51 UTC, Universal Time). 

The lunar eclipse will start at 6:25 AM EDT and last until 7:24 AM, according to NASA, and will be partially visible in the wee hours before sunrise. 

By the time the Full Moon rises, the harvest is usually completed, leaving the fields stripped, stubbly and wide open making it an ideal time to spot animals foraging in the fields for leftover nuts, fruit, vegetables, and grains under the light of the moon. Hunter-gatherers welcomed this time of year, and this helpful moon, for its promise of abundant and reasonably easy hunting. For this reason, they referred to this full moon as the “Full Hunter’s Moon” (or “Blood Moon”). 

Today, many in the so-called "developed" world no longer base their survival on good hunting, however the power of the Hunter’s Moon continues to this day. It is still a time to appreciate our Mother Earth and all the things that she provides us, including our food and water. It is a time for seeking inner peace, truth and balance, a time to shed our egos and assess the truth of our own naked, exposed and barren internal landscapes. 

No one can meditate on their place in the world under the Hunter's Moon without the divine feminine energy of our Grandmother Moon. She helps us find our inner balance and unselfish love. The Hunter's Moon looks down upon a world that is fully prepared for regeneration and rebirth, and awaiting our service and labor to till the physical, emotional and spiritual soil. This is work in the trenches as well as work among the clouds. It is work that is especially important for men to be doing now, and the work will go much better if women are willing to act as companions, mentors and guides. In doing so, we all can achieve balance. Until then, men cannot really call themselves men and we, as women, cannot really call themselves women. The Hunter's Moon is a perfect time to accept that truth, and renew one's dedication to it and raise our children with an awareness of that truth. It is truly a good time for seeking inner peace, truth and balance. 

This Full Moon, Bohio Atabei will be praying and providing support for our Bibi Vanessa 'Inaru' Pastrano as she goes through the process of the viewing and burial of her mother, Bibi Victoria Pastrano Padilla, who passed away this past Friday, October 3rd. We humbling ask for your prayers for Bibi Inaru and her family during this difficult time of transition. 

As always, Bohío Atabei invites you all to become part of the areito of purification, healing, change and balance. May the spirit shine from your hearts always and may the glow of your beautiful souls give light to the world as Bibi Marohuya continues to do and has done for millions of years, unconditionally pouring her loving, healing, purifying light on all. Always remember that we have been blessed with the same energy cycle and force of Grandmother Moon. Always remember that we, as women, are the manifestation of the rhythm of the universe. 

In the Spirit of Love, Light, Balance, Peace and Healing, may YaYa and the Ancestors Bless and Guide us all, now and always...

Love, Hugs, Peace & Blessings,
Seneko Kakona,
Bibi Aya & Family

Remember Familia, wherever you may be, connect your Spirit to the energy of Grandmother Moon and the stars... and have a Beautiful Night...
Seneko Kakona...

For more information regarding this Full Moon, you can check out the links below:

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Total eclipse of Blood Moon on night of October 7-8

P.S.: The picture above, as well as the link to the Huffington Post article, comes from a facebook post by Robert Mukaro Borrero posted on October 5th in the United Confederation of Taino People facebook group.  It was the inspiration for writing the post above.  Hahom, Tiao, for the inspiration.  ♥  :)

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