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Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5,2015 Full Moon Bibi Marohuya :)

Now I’m not a professional photographer by no means so it is I appreciate the simplicity of my mini I pad
In taking pictures of things I see as beautiful….So it is I took great pleasures in being awake at 3:48 Am EST and from my window beyond my painted butterflies on the pane…I saw her High up in the sky above the tops of building nearby….Grandmother Moon shining in all her fullness.WOW I thought she looks beautiful so silent and serene .The one or two apt windows with lights on were no match for her luminous glory in the sky.
A thousands thoughts danced in my head and I heard the voices of the ancestors ….Lost in the magic of that moment I quickly reached for my Copalera and lighted the fire that would fill my room with the sweet perfume of Tabanuco,Copal,Guayakan and Sage. How wonderful it feels to be surrounded by the sweet smell of this ancient smoke ….knowing our grandmothers and great grandmothers before us had done the same.
With the rising smoke my heart began to sing and so I decided to share it with you J
As well I thought this is a good time to look at ourselves and ask ourselves what we need to do in our lives to help our people. How can we as women bring the light of peace into the hearts of man?

So Mujeres may Ata Marohuya fill your lives with the light of wisdom as you move forward in this world.
May you be blessed in the knowledge that you are not alone for every woman born of Atabei from the moment of birth brings with her the Blessings of Grandmother Moon and in her light is the voice of the ancient ones.
Bibi Marohuya each month reminds us not to forget you are the rhythm of the universe and the givers of life.
We are the keepers of the ancient wisdoms. So rearrange your thoughts in a wise way so you do not fall out of rhythm with the natural world.
Rearrange your thoughts and your time in ways that can help you bring the teachings of love and respect to others in the things you do and in the words you speak.
Honor the spaces that you are in and fill those spaces with the light of your souls; do not let darkness overtake you be as Ata Marohuya luminous, glowing and beautiful for that is the truth of your being. That is who you are.

Have an Awesome day Mujeres J Bibi Inaru.

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