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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Because Tobacco is a sacred medicine that has been and continues to be disrespected and abused it is important for our people to begin to stop using it the wrong way.
The creation of the cigarettes, snuff and use of cigars for pleasure rather than for spiritual and or healing purposes has backfired on society.
The sacred spirit of the Tobacco has turned on humanity. It's irresponsible use triggers off many deadly diseases. It's irresponsible use clogs your lungs and with it clogs your thinking.
The addition of chemicals to grow the sacred Tobacco plants further contributes to this disrespect..
For us as the Indigenous people's of the Americas  Tobacco is one medicine we should totally respect, thus we should be the first not to continue in its abuse.
Anyone who wishes to become a Behike( medicine person)  or Bohiti of our sacred Tobacco and our Cohoba cannot do so until he or she stops disrespecting these sacred medicines. No way can someone become a spiritual leader if the spirit of the Tobacco is not with them.
Smoking cigarettes is not for Taino medicine people….even if they use what is called commercial
tobacco in fact even the use of Native spirit cigarettes is wrong.
Why ?because Tobacco brings with it
a powerful spirit to heal, protect and bring visions to our people.
We are its guardians Tainos should not forget that!!!
So best be for those among our people who are habitual smokers to start turning away from the use of Tobacco in this very wrong way.
Instead relearn to connect in meditation to the spirit of the Tobacco like our ancestors did and STOP using it in the ways created by the Whiteman’s greed.
Begin to pray for our sacred Tobacco Spirit to once again return to our people.
If it is sacred to you then do not abuse it especially if you want to receive the Blessings of its proper use.
There was a reason why our Abuelas protected it and why its use
was restricted .
So mi gente Taino as hard as it might seem if you are a habitual user of Tobacco in the wrong way STOP…You must try and the very spirit of this sacred medicine will help you.
Bomatum to Guaribo and Guarixcoa and all who respect the Spirit of our sacred medicines. and protect them against abuse -
As well Hahom (Thank you ) for the awesome picture from you and your yukayeke.:) it is beautiful and delivers an impacting message:) Bibi Inaru.

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