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Think native walk in balance

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Full Moon message July 31.2015

Thank Native Walk In Balance

Full moon is a time for celebration a time as well that gives us the opportunity as women to restore, regenerate and heal. It is good time for us as women to find a space in our busy lives to allow for the process of purification to happen.
In a society that has forgotten the importance of balance we as women during grandmother’s full moon dance can through our bodies heal ourselves, our world and also help erase from the memory of our DNA the trauma of our past.

It is a good time to connect spiritually to our abuelas, aunties, sisters and all the beautiful women in our past who loved us and who as women may have experienced any imposed trauma.
Trauma forced upon them which robbed them of their joy, their dignity and their smiles.

During full moon time by connecting spiritually to them they can thru us release the memory of their pain and in turn we can heal, allowing their spirits and ours to bond and to move forward into the harmony and peace of spiritual enlightenment.
As such during this full moon allow yourselves to hear the voices of those ancestral grandmothers in your soul.
Say Bomatum all your beautiful Grandmothers and auntie’s and say thank you for the gift of life and for your love; thru us you live and thru us you can smile again. :)

So as we reclaim the knowledge of our ancestral ways let us also know that in celebrating grandmother moons fullness we are also celebrating ourselves  and restoring the power of our sacred female energy and  honoring all of our ancestral abuelas,aunties and women  who gave us life.

                                     A poem and song for all of you with Love Bibi Inaru.

Mujeres dance, dance for earth mother, for life for family for our people, for each other
Dance mujeres dance. :)
Dance my sisters, dance for peace dance for healing, dance for the tears and dance with the joy.

Dance for the grandmothers who live on the moon, dance for the rivers the oceans, and all of the waterfalls inside your soul.
Dance Mujeres dance In the Bohios of your mind looking thru windows of ancestral time.
Walking in hallways filled with the memories, of a zillions stars.
Dance daughters of earth mother daughters of wisdom.
Daughters of lite.

Dance,dance  in the circles of your twirling skirts and let them form rainbows inside your heart.
          Dance hermanas dance for you are the rhythm of the universe, the cosmic mother of all life
Dance mujeres dance for you are Creation,
Yokahu was born of you.
Born of you, Born of you is Yokahu Goddess’s of time.


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