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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Renaming of Marathon Parkway to Matinecock Way in honor of Indigenous Matinecock peoples Native Americans Indians of Northeast Queens

What an honor it was to witness and be asked to take part in the unveiling of Marathon Parkway in Little Neck being co-named "Matinecock Way" in recognition of the indigenous Matinecock Peoples.. Traditionally, the Matinecock lived in communities spanning the area of what is known today as northeast Queens... On October 5, Matinecock descendants gathered along with other Native relatives to celebrate this recognition for their ancestors and their community... Congratulations to the Matinecock Nation!

Chief Harry Wallace of the Unkechaug Indian Nation, Chief Osceola Townsend of the Matinecock Nation,Chief Roberto Mukaro Borrero of Taino Yukayeke Guainia and President of UCTP at  the street naming ceremony on October 5, 2015

Chief Roberto Mukaro Borrero ,Cheif Osceola Townsend,Elder Vanessa Inaru Pastrano Bohio Atabei and Vice President of National Alliance of Native Americans Long House.

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