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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jan 24.2016 circle is cancelled.

Needless to say our Jan 24, 2016 full Moon circle in NYC has been cancelled as Mother Nature has decided to dress herself in her strongest winter white.
None the less may it be you all get a chance to go outside once the wind and snow has tapered off and before the snow plows and blowers come in to disrupt the beauty of earth mothers new white dress.

This is a good time to enjoy the beautiful silence that is felt in moments like this; for there is an almost magical quiet during these times that fill the heart with natures peace.
Maybe you will get a chance to go out during the silent hours right before sunset and watch the winter clouds in the western sky in their brilliant hues of purple as they give way to the dark hours of the night.
It will be in that darkness when the Mukaro awakens the spirits of the ancestors that you will see the lite of Bibi Karaya (grandmother moon) in her fullness reflected on the beautiful new white dress of her sister Bibi Atabei (Earth Mother )

So however you can and in whatever you are doing enjoy the day with the gifts of earth mothers colors in her winter white and in the evening let Bibi Karaya's lite bath you in moon beams filled with this beautiful cleansing and purifying energy that is surrounding us for the next few days.

Make this a time for you to reflect on all you have done this last month and on what you would like to change and or do different because you know you have the power to create your own reality.
Let go of all negative thought and allow your spirit to hear in the whisper of the wind the music of life ,feel the joy of being the daughters of earth mother and the beautiful rhythm of the universe.

Stay safe be happy and stay connected….Abrazos Bibi Inaru.

Will post dates for next circle soon.

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