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Friday, August 12, 2016

A Thank You Message from Bohío Atabei Mujeres de la Yuka Grandmothers Council

Bohío Atabei Mujeres de la Yuka Grandmothers Council (Bohío Atabei) is grateful and proud to have introduced Peace and Dignity Journeys (PDJ) to our communities, as well as to have been the Creators of the Route of the Red Tail Hawk in Borikén, the Caribbean and here in United States. It is also an honor for the Grandmothers Council of Bohío Atabei to be the caretakers of the Caribbean Sacred Staff Bundle.

We thank the entire PDJ family, who we love and respect, for allowing our people the honor of participation in this sacred journey in fulfillment of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.

As the People of the Hawk, as foretold by our Ancestors, we are the Eyes and the Mediators of Abya Yala. We proudly, and with great respect, ride the wind with all of our Relatives—the People of the Eagle and the Condor.

We thank all of our runners for carrying the prayers of our people .We thank the following for their ongoing and unwavering support: the United Confederation of Taíno People (UCTP), the Iukayeke Guainía Community, the Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle in Pittsburg, Yukayeke Maisiti in New York, the Red Drum First Nations Motorcycle Club, San Kofi and the Maroon communities of Xamiaca, the Cherokee Nation in Georgia, the Lenape Nation, the Lumbee Nation, the Rappahannock Nation, the Rivendell Recovery Center in Virginia, and all the groups and individuals who have contributed and continue to contribute to this Journey of Unification. We especially thank the Elders who honored us with their presence and wisdom.

We love you all!

Grandmothers Council

Vanessa 'Inaru Metztli' Pastrano
Founder, Bohio Atabei Mujeres de la Yuka

Gina 'Rixturey' Robles-Villalba
Bohío, Maryland DC area

Joanna 'Aya' Soto-Aviles
Bohio, Borikén

Esperanza 'Espy' Martell
Bohio, New York
Mildred 'Karaira' Gandia Reyes
Bohío, Florida

Oma'bahari Seneko Kakona 

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