We Are The Daughters of Mother Earth,the Yuka and the Ze
mi.Blessed by Grandfather Wei (Sun ) to from the womb of Atabei be born.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Mujeres Honor your grandmothers ,sisters and daughters.Honor your Aunties and your female energy by owning your power !!!
Be one with the mother for you and you alone are the givers of life !!! There would be no nations !!! without you !!!
Embrace the lite for it was born of you !!!
Happy Super Full Moon and Winter Solstice

To my Taino sisters Do not forget who you are .You are the ones who give life to the names of Kacikes ...You were the first healers and medicine women for your people who knew your name as Guaibonito. You gave birth to Yokahu ,You are more than just a rhythm you are the very life force of your people ....All warriors.behikes and Kacikes must bow to you before they even whisper or call your name...Daughters of Atabei .Remember that and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors with love,respect and wisdom ...Own your power.!!

Bibi Inaru :)

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