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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Full Moon Circle Sunday March 12,2017 Karaya Jaguara

The Jaguar’s medicine finding your way within the chaos,understanding and moving without fear in the darkness,  empowering yourself, reclaiming your power.

Mujeres it is once again the time to gather as sisters
play our drums ,sing our songs and find in our teachings the wisdom of the ancestors.

Next Bohio Circle on March 12,2017  will be during the Jaguar Moon.
This is Bibi Karayas 9th cycle
From 1-5 PM
It will be held at Majagua'naru's bohio.You can call f... 718-549-5677
for exact address:) or email us with your intent to attend at either..
bohioatabei@aol.com or atabeisjaguas@gmail.com

Dress in comfortable clothes for we will go to Inwood park for part of the ceremony .:)
Bring your drums and or your maracas ...The new fire will soon be with us  so let us prepare for it .
I am asking each of you to bring a song to share from your heart ....or a Taino story to tell :) 

This beautiful cycle of grandmother Moon opens the door to the teachings of truth.
It is also Bibi Karayas 9th cycle. The energy of this cycle is to give us a jolt – to wake us up to truth  and make us look at what we have been unable or unwilling to see.
To accept truth is not always easy ....but if we want to set our spirits free we must accept the challenge of first accepting the truth within ourselves and the world around us. As well we must understand how our truth can heal or hurt others.
Only then can we make just decisions amend our ways and keep to the principles of  the universal spiritual laws of right action.

Only then can we like the Jaguar spirit teaches us find our way.
Join us in the circle as we look into the power and beauty of truth especially today when hatred and greed seems to have overtaken  humanity.

We are also at this time approaching the season of spring...this is also a good time to think about  how to renew ourselves to better balance  our lives.Good time to think on how to declutter our minds even before we think about doing any other spring cleaning activity. So join us in the sacred ritual of  preparation for  new beginnings :) 

May all of you be Blessed with smiles in your hearts and sunlight in your souls.

Abrazos Bibi Inaru.

*** Our Circles are always free of charge but you may give a donation...Note all donations are used to continue our teaching and healing circle and community projects.

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