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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Frog Moon Circle Sat April 15,2017

Inaruono Yuka Aroa Guaribono 
will have a circle on
Sat April 15, 2017
 celebrating Bibi Karaya‘s 10th cycle.
 The Frog Moon

Outdoor Ceremony

Weather permitting
 Inwood Park by the Nature Center
218th and Indian Road
New York City.
Learning  and Sharing Circle.

This Cycle
what is Frog Medicine?
What are the Five Names of Bibi Atabei
What do they mean and how it relates to us as Taino women.

Bring your smiles ,your maracas,drums and heartfelt words

For more info / details 
if you are interested in joining us, please email us at
atabeisjaguas@gmail.com or call 718-549-5677
***Note space is limited RSVP is required.
The event is free however; a suggested donation of $10 dollars is appreciated as it helps to provide refreshments.
Thank you.

Note : Jaguars  coming in out of the city who wish to sleep over
Are welcomed to stay
To attend Sunday’s  April 16,2017 Taino Awards
Speak with meJ
A Shout Out of Love to all our sisters of

Actual Full Moon date and Time is April 11,2017 at 2:08 AM
I encourage you all to take this time to mediate.
Just look around you
Mujeres beautiful daughters of Atabei for
Humanity and all life on mother earth is being challenged by the voices of greed and destruction

So take a little time to breathe deeply, gather your thoughts, and reconnect to the wisdom and guidance of the ancestors. Remember as women we are the rhythm of the universe. In our Taino culture, we gave birth to Yokahu.
Use your energy in a good way and infuse the universe with the force of creative and positive thoughts.
Love and Abrazos to all of you wherever you find yourselves at any given moment.
Own your power and know together we can help change the world for the better.
Love and Abrazos Bib Inaru.

April's Full Moon for some of our relatives is called the Pink Moon; so named for the little pink flowers that appear in the meadows at this time of the year.
For us it is the Frog Moon as we head into the wet season on our island homelands. It is also a good time on our homelands to plant Yuka and corn….to boot tadpoles love the wet season especially the Coqui who does not need water to mat but who will sing it’s loudest in the moist wet season.

Directions to Park
By car: From the West Side Highway: Take the Dyckman Street exit. Follow the exit as it merges with Broadway. Drive North on Broadway to 218th Street. Take a left on 218th Street and drive west on 218th Street. The entrance to the park is at the end of the street. The Nature Center is located in Inwood Park. 
From FDR/East River Drive: Take the FDR/East River Drive north to end. The end of the highway is at Dyckman Street. Bear left on Dyckman Street. Take Dyckman west to Broadway, and take a right on Broadway. Proceed north to 218th Street and make a left turn. The entrance to the park is at the end of 218th Street.
Public transportation: Take the 1 or the 9 train to the 215th Street stop. Walk North to 218th Street. Take a left and walk on 218th Street. The entrance to the park is at the end of the street. The Nature Center is located in Inwood Park. OR Take the A train to 207th Street. If you are in the last car of the train (near the handicap elevator), proceed west to Seaman Avenue, then north to Isham Street. If you are in the first car of the train, you will exit onto Isham Street. Go west to Seaman Avenue and proceed north into the park, keeping the baseball field to your right. Walk toward the Water. The Nature Center is the building on the water.

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